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Full Version: [RELEASE] TFC.tv (Filipino) Video Addon Available
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Hello there,

If you are a subscriber of TFC.tv (Filipino shows) or would like to watch TFC.tv on your XBMC device, please take a look at my addon. Please add the repository by downloading it from here: https://code.google.com/p/todits-xbmc/ and add the tfctv plugin.

You will need a TFC.tv (http://tfc.tv) subscription to use it. They offer a trial account if you wanna give TFC.tv a try.

The project is still in alpha but is very much usable. Please report any issues about the addon in the project page.


-- Edit (2016-01-28): Updating the download link since the project was moved elsewhere
Please use this download link instead:
Please view your subscribed shows via "Subscribed Shows" for now instead of browsing through the categories.

For those who had earlier versions, you need to update the addon to 0.0.9 to get the "Subscribed Shows" menu entry.

By the way, sorry, there's no wiki yet on how to install the addon but it's the usual 1) Install repository, 2) Install addon, steps.

Thank you po!!! Awesome plugin!!!
@gotsklz Welcome po.

Does anybody (with a Premium subscription) know if the plugin works on Live channels (ANC Live and DZMM Teleradyo)? I hope it does but I doubt it.
ANC and DZMM live channels doesnt work with premiun subscription.
Thanks for the confirmation @gotsklz.

Sorry guys, live channels won't be supported in the near future. At least until xbmc is able to play those kinds of streams. Thanks for your understanding.
Updated and now there is a slight stutter of the video every 25 second or so.

**Edit Sorry its working fine, it's just other addons updating in the background I guess Thanks
Thanks! Much appreciated.
How and where in xbmc do you log in for your tdc.tv account?
@Myrddraal, you're welcome
@rdomingo you need to open the settings for the tfc.tv plugin. This is usually done via the context menu.

Go to the Video Addons then:

1. If you're using XBMC in your desktop/laptop, rigth-click on TFC.tv and a menu will appear. Alternatively via keyboard, hightlight the TFC.tv plugin then press "C" to bring up the menu.
2. In Android or iOS, you can long-press the TFC.tv entry in the list to bring up the menu
Thank you for this add-on, todits!

Question. Is it possible to save/capture the videos from tfc.tv? Thanks!
@gelo2010, you're welcome. Right now, the tfc.tv XBMC plugin does not support saving tfc.tv videos.
Works great. Thanks!
Hi, I'm having a problem with mine. I got a trial account and I can view the movies online but if I go to xbmc and go to the movies i get "This item is not part of your subscription, or your subscription is already expired". Any ideas ? thanks!