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Full Version: [WIP] HTPC-Manager Beta, Manage XBMC, Sabnzbd, SickBeard with one app
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I wanna say thanks as well!
I really like this interface.
Is there a way to add Plex library to the layout?
Styxit: thanks for your updates, this interface is far more usable than maraschino that i find way to cluttered and bulky Big Grin
At the moment i have no plans to add Plex to it. Mostly because i do not use it. I guess by using the plex-api it is possible to add it to Htpc-manager.

Right now, my focus is on extending xbmc usage to start playing songs, artists and albums from htpc-manager and browse the audioLibrary.
With your focus being on music right now, any chance of adding HeadPhones support?
(2013-03-27, 04:12)Vernon593 Wrote: [ -> ]Torrent support could definitely be integrated, but for now we want to focus on the stuff we have created.ImageImageImageImage

HuhHuh Torrents? Were you responding to me? HeadPhones is not a torrent app, it's the SickBeard of Music.
Currently can't connect to Sickbeard or CouchPotato if they are using SSL. Any plans to enable SSL for those apps as it is already included for Sabnzbd?

Also +1 for HeadPhones support.

(2012-10-05, 18:35)tmiland Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

i am getting the thumbnail error:
PHP Code:
500 Internal Server Error

The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/c/HTPC-Manager/libs/cherrypy/_cprequest.py"line 656in respond
.body self.handler()
File "/c/HTPC-Manager/libs/cherrypy/lib/encoding.py"line 188in __call__
.body self.oldhandler(*args, **kwargs)
File "/c/HTPC-Manager/libs/cherrypy/_cpdispatch.py"line 34in __call__
return self.callable(*self.args, **self.kwargs)
File "/c/HTPC-Manager/htpc/pagehandler.py"line 154in json
return xbmc(host,port,username,password,self.root,hidewatched,ignorearticle).sendRequest(kwargs)
File "/c/HTPC-Manager/htpc/xbmc.py"line 29in sendRequest
return self.GetThumb(args.get('thumb'), args.get('w'), args.get('h'), opacity)
File "/c/HTPC-Manager/htpc/xbmc.py"line 88in GetThumb
image.resize((widthheight), Image.ANTIALIAS).convert('RGBA')
File "/c/HTPC-Manager/libs/PIL/Image.py"line 1290in resize
File "/c/HTPC-Manager/libs/PIL/ImageFile.py"line 164in load
File "/c/HTPC-Manager/libs/PIL/ImageFile.py"line 231in load_prepare
.im Image.core.new(self.modeself.size)
File "/c/HTPC-Manager/libs/PIL/Image.py"line 39in __getattr__
    raise ImportError
("The _imaging C module is not installed")
ImportErrorThe _imaging C module is not installed 

I am running this on a readynas ultra, and would appreciate any help getting this working, as i have searched and tried everything i can. Confused

Likewise with the ReadyNAS Pro. Same architecture, firmware and Debian install, different CPU.
I do not use Headphones actively. I might look in to it after finishing the Xbmc audioLibrary options.

The problem with using ssl on sickbeard is not known to me because i do not use ssl. All my apps (xbmc, sabnzbd, sickbeard) and Htpc-Manager run on the same system, so for every service i use (or localhost) as ip/host. In my opinion, accessing sickbeard api over ssl is something i only would consider when accessing the api over the internet. Besides, ssl and https require extra processing power (although very little) because all requests need to be encrypted and decrypted. To test your https issue, I tried running sickbeard with ssl, but because i user a reverse proxy for sickbeard i didnt get it working instantly. As mentioned above, to me it is not a big issue because i'm running everything on the same maching. Could you tell me why you explicity would like to use https?

The xbmc thumbnail error has to do with your python configuration. Htpc-manager relies on the Image python library when resizing the xbmc images. Your error shows you what's wrong. You need to install the _imaging library for python. I believe it is part of the Python Imaging Library (PIL) or the more uptodate fork Pillow.

To test if the module is installed, do the following in the terminal:
$ python
>>> import Image
If this returns no errors, only the next line starting with '>>>' the module was imported, meaning it is installed correctly. It took me a while to figure out how to install this library aswell, so i understand your frustrations.
I need to be able to access All the downloader apps (Sab, SB, CouchPotato, HeadPhones) from the internet, either via my phone or another web browser. All these apps are also running via the NAS and are exposed to the internet. HeadPhones currently does not support SSL, so this isn't an issue with that app (if/when it gets added). It doesn't seem to be possible to run these apps over SSL and HTTP at the same time. I won't go into the reasons why I access these over the internet, but I do nonetheless.

The python app/addon made for the ReadyNAS is 2.7 and was made by a community member, so it will be just the standard install with no extras. The Image module is not found, so will have to attempt to install it manually if this is to be fixed.

Will hold off for the time being, but thanks for the explanation.
I made some progress with the xbmc audio library. You can now navigate through all artists in the xbmc library. All songs for one artist can be played by clicking the play-icon. When clicking the artist name, all albums are shown.


Checkout the code at https://github.com/styxit/HTPC-Manager and report any problems in the issues, or in reply to this post.

To do:
- Play/enqueue one or more albums. Enqueue songs instead of play-now.
- When playing multiple songs, skip to next/prev song.
- Click song-title in playlist to start the selected song.
A new playlist-page has been added! You can now view the playlist and player-controls in one page. Clicking on a song title in the playlist immediately starts the selected song.


All icons have been replaced by FontAwesome. This library contains more icons and the ability to give them any color instead of just black or white. Also, because these icons are rendered from a font instead of images, they show very nicely on Retina screens and have the ability to take any wanted size.

The buttons to remove an item from the playlist or change their position do not yet work. I'm not sure if anyone will use that a lot. Next to-do is add songs to queue and the option to add one album (instead of all albums from artist) to playlist. Maybe even add a single song to the playlist although again, i am not sure if anyone really needs this functionality.

Get the update code on Github https://github.com/styxit/HTPC-Manager

All (small) feature request are welcome. I have no idea how many people are using my fork of Htpc-Manage so i will keep an eye on this forum page to see any comments, improvements or ideas.
Htpc Manager has a dedicated website!

I am trying to get Htpc Manager known to a wider audience. Therefore i created a website that shows new users a little bit of the awesomness Htpc Manager does. For now it only show-off the features, but later on i will write installation instructions, create a faq-page etc.

Also i am looking for people that would like to contribute to the development of Htpc Manager. So if you are a skilled Python programmer or Frontend developer, get in touch with me.

Help me spread the word and share the website: http://htpc.io
Are the thumbnail issue fixed? Smile
(2013-05-16, 08:24)tmiland Wrote: [ -> ]Are the thumbnail issue fixed? Smile

If you are talking about one of your earlier posts in combination with your readynas.. You did not install the required python modules, probably missing PIL. When configured correctly, images and thumbnails work great! I can run htpc manager on osx, windows and raspberryPi, all with thumbnail generation.

(2013-05-16, 10:45)styxit Wrote: [ -> ]
(2013-05-16, 08:24)tmiland Wrote: [ -> ]Are the thumbnail issue fixed? Smile

If you are talking about one of your earlier posts in combination with your readynas.. You did not install the required python modules, probably missing PIL. When configured correctly, images and thumbnails work great! I can run htpc manager on osx, windows and raspberryPi, all with thumbnail generation.


I did try different PIL's, but none of them worked...