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Full Version: IPTVSimple PVR-addon with XMLTV EGP
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Hi there,
Me and user Sajk found this pvr-addon. It supports external channel lists and xmltv based EPG files.
I tried compiling it with VS 2010 Pro, I got the .zip file for xbmc. But when I run it, the log says a .dll is missing. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.
Could someone here, who has the right tools, compile a version for us?


Thanks in advance.

It works for me in ubuntu, got no idea if it works in windows
Thanks ursli, will try that on ATV2. But it won't work on windows, it needs the .dll.
Btw: How does your .m3u file look like? I can see that the file was included in the addon, but it is empty, so I don't have any example on how it should look like.

I guess it need a specific format since it needs to work with the integrated EPG?
Found this on the russian forum, since russian isn't my native language I had to use translate. But it might help.

Quote:Supported file format m3u:

# EXTINF: -1 tvg-id = "1" tvg-name = "Pervyy_kanal" tvg-logo = "PervyyKanal" group-title = "The federal channels," Channel
udp :/ / @
# EXTINF: -1 tvg-name = "Rossiya_1" tvg-logo = "Russia1" Russia-1
udp :/ / @
# EXTINF: -1 tvg-name = "Rossiya_Kultura" tvg-logo = "RossiyaK" to Russia
udp :/ / @
# EXTINF: -1 tvg-name = "NTV" tvg-logo = "NTV", NTV
udp :/ / @
# EXTINF: -1 tvg-name = "Pyatyy_Kanal" tvg-logo = "PyatyyKanal" Channel Five
udp :/ / @
# EXTINF: -1 tvg-name = "Rossiya_2_ (Sport)" tvg-logo = "Russia2" Russia-2
udp :/ / @
# EXTINF: -1 tvg-name = "MCM_Top" tvg-logo = "MCMTop" group-title = "Music and Entertainment", MCM Top
udp :/ / @
# EXTINF: -1 tvg-name = "Bridge_TV" tvg-logo = "BridgeTV", BRIDGE TV
udp :/ / @
# EXTINF: -1 tvg-name = "" tvg-logo = "@ EuropaPlusTV", Europa Plus TV

tvg-id - ID channel xmltv, if a tag is not found, the ID of the channel is taken positive non-zero number after EXTINF:
tvg-name - Name of the channel to match in the XMLTV EPG. All spaces in the names of XMLTV replaced with _ and compared with the value of tvg-name.
tvg-logo - logo file name link. (Without BRAND) If the tag is not found then the file name will be the channel's logo runs the channel name.
group-title - name of the channel group. If the add-on encounters this tag, all channels from the current, combined in a group with the specified name for as long as in the playlist will not meet the following tag group-title, and then the next group will be created, etc.
This addon is based on the pvr.demo addon. The discussion is here: http://xbmc.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=3226. Windows, Linux, OSX and Rasberry Pi are supported until now.
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Ok here we go Smile This addon works great for internet streams. The russians are genious Big Grin

This is the format of the .m3u file that I use (thanks to Sajk for the find)
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-name="bht1" group-title="Ex-Yu",BHT 1
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-name="tv1" group-title="Ex-Yu",TV 1
- tvg-name is supposed to map the channel to EPG value in the epg .xml file, if this fails, it will use the channel name (last value)
- group-title is channelgroup name
- the last value is the channel name, this is important! I use this name to fetch: epg and logos. It is written the same way as in the EPG file and the logo filename. (e.g. "BHT 1.png")
Also very important (if you are using channel name to map epg) that there are no spaces after coma!

This is just a snippet from the epg file. It is generated by webgrabplus. The way I see it, it maps the tvg-name from m3u, to the channel id in the epg file.
If that fails, it maps channel name from m3u to display-name, to find the correct EPG Smile
<channel id="bht1">
    <display-name lang="hr">BHT 1</display-name>
<channel id="tv1">
    <display-name lang="hr">TV 1</display-name>
<programme start="20130215080000 +0100" stop="20130215081500 +0100" channel="bht1">
    <title lang="hr">Vijesti</title>
<programme start="20130215080500 +0100" stop="20130215083500 +0100" channel="tv1">
    <title lang="hr">Red magazin</title>


Please, someone compile this addon for iOS (ATV2) Big Grin
Hi all. I'm the author of the IPTV Simple PVR-addon.

This addon base on pvr.demo addon but supports the m3u playlist and EPG in XMLTV format.

The lastest public build you can find at the first page of thread http://xbmc.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=3226 or here. There are versions for Window, Linux (32-bit and 64-bit). OSX (32-bit and 64-bit) and Raspberry PI.

Sources can be found at GitHub

The lastest version of addon supports:
1. m3u playlist in format (take a look at below):
#EXTM3U tvg-shift=3
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="id1" tvg-name="Channel_1" tvg-logo="logo1" group-title="Group 1",Channel 1
#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="id2" tvg-name="Channel_2" tvg-logo="logo2" group-title="Group 2",Channel 2
- tvg-id is value of channel id in EPG xml file. If the tag is absent then addon will use tvg-name for map channel to EPG;
- tvg-name is value of display-name in EPG there all space chars replaced to _ (underscore char) if this value is not found in xml then addon will use the channel name to find correct EPG.
- tvg-logo is name of channel logo file. If this tag is absent then addon will use channel name to find logo.
- tvg-shift is value in hours to shift EPG time. This tag can be used in #EXTM3U for apply shift to all channels or in #EXTINF for apply shift only to current channel.
- group-name is channels group name. If the tag is absent then addon will use group name from the previous channel.

2. Addon supports the EPG in XMLTV format
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <channel id="id1">
      <display-name lang="en">Channel 1</display-name>
  <channel id="id2">
      <display-name lang="en">Channel 2</display-name>
  <programme start="20130215080000 +0100" stop="20130215081500 +0100" channel="id1">
      <title lang="en">News</title>
  <programme start="20130215080500 +0100" stop="20130215083500 +0100" channel="id2">
      <title lang="en">Movie</title>

In the future releases will be implemented support timers and posibility to pause stream.
If you have some questions about addon or how addon working then please ask me.

I'm looking for solution to how can I build add-on for iOS and Android.

You can support project.. Thanks.
(2013-02-15, 23:39)Maniac Wrote: [ -> ]Please, someone compile this addon for iOS (ATV2) Big Grin

Please anyone can try this build of the addon on atv/ios devices? Look at link in my posts below...
wrong structure Sad it dosn't work
(2013-02-21, 19:03)dani12o82 Wrote: [ -> ]wrong structure Sad it dosn't work
Thanks for your feedback. Can you provide the debug log? I will investigate the issue.
Sorry it's my fault. There is new archive pvr.iptvsimple.0.1.1a.iOS.zip
you have a pm