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Full Version: [WIP] HTPC-Manager Beta, Manage XBMC, Sabnzbd, SickBeard with one app
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Moderator update 16-05-2013

After this project received little update in the last few months, user styxit has been working on further additions and fixes to it. His website for the project can be found here: http://htpc.io and github sources to his modifications are here https://github.com/styxit/HTPC-Manager

Original post follows:


HTPC-Manager is a management tool that SyphOn and me are working on.
It's goal is to combine XBMC, Sabnzbd, Sickbeard and soon Couchpotato in one interface!

- Dashboard with quick overview of what is recently added
- Add, remove nzb's to sabnzbd
- View XBMC library
- Now playing info with remote controls
- Add TV Shows to sickbeard
- View upcoming shows from sickbeard
- Search NZB's and add them to sabnzbd queue
- More to come...

Check out our site for more information: http://www.htpcmanager.org
Source now available on Github: HTPC-Manager


For the user interface we used Bootstrap by Twitter.
Language? Like backend, python?

Looks very good! Keen to try it out
Yes, its written in Python.
I know it is not exactly the download method of choice around these forums, but any torrent support planned?!

Would love to see rtorrent support!!

Looks great either way!
Torrent support could definitely be integrated, but for now we want to focus on the stuff we have created.

I'll try to wrap up some things this weekend so we can provide a download next week. Bare in mind that this is the first time we programmed something in Python, so it's a learning process for us too Smile

Looking forward to it! Big Grin
Subscribed to thread.
This looks pretty awesome keep up the hard work, can't wait to check it out.
Looks really interesting so far, I will be checking in on this one.

I managed to get some things done. For now I was able to create a download for windows and mac. Please note that you'll need a pre-eden/beta of XBMC for it to work properly with XBMC.

Download at http://htpcmanager.org. The default username/password = admin/admin.

Let us know what you think Smile

This looks interesting.
It asks for authentication, but I can't find where to set login information.
A userdata folder was created upon starting the htpc.exe but it's empty.
According to the log file the webserver was started on port 8084. Is it possible to change it?
Oh crap. I'm sorry! The default username/password = admin/admin. Port can be changed in settings.

For now you'll have to kill to process and restart the app for port / username / password changes to work.

Excellent! I love it. Works great and looks good.
Looking forward to see the progress.

It might already be on your todo list, but I'll put in a request for a filter/search/unwatched option for the xbmc interface.
Will there be a Linux version?
This is logged on nzb search:

PHP Code:
[24/Mar/2012:14:52:52HTTP Traceback (most recent call last):
File "cherrypy\_cprequest.pyc"line 656in respond
"cherrypy\lib\encoding.pyc"line 188in __call__
"cherrypy\_cpdispatch.pyc"line 34in __call__
"htpc\__init__.pyc"line 254in json
"htpc\nzbsearch.pyc"line 48in searchNZBs
"json\__init__.pyc"line 231in dumps
"json\encoder.pyc"line 201in encode
"json\encoder.pyc"line 264in iterencode
'utf8' codec can't decode byte 0xf1 in position 7: invalid continuation byte 

That error should be fixed now. I've put up a new download on the website.
(2012-03-24, 15:51)ICDeadPpl Wrote: [ -> ]Will there be a Linux version?

I'm only running osx and windows. No linux machine to test on. Maybe we can put the source code up on GitHub so u can run from source? (Beware! code is very messy Tongue)