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Full Version: XBMC Video Server: stream/download your library contents
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Sure, thanks for the hint!
hey ive got everything working except at get this error when trying to stream

access_http error: error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
access_http error: error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
access_mms error: error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
main error: open of `http://localhost:8080/xbmc-vfs/smb%3a%2f%2fBLACKNELLY%2fblacknelly%2fMovies%2fA%20Million%20Ways%20To%20Die%20In%20The%20West%202014%20720p%20New%20Webrip%20x264%20AC3%20TiTAN.mkv' failed

i have all of this stuff running in a windows 7 vm that is installed on windows server 2008. Im using port 8080 for xbmc-video-server and i have my xbmc application webserver running on 8081
ports are open and i get this error on the local pc aswell

all of my content is on a seagate NAS on the same subnet
i also added some files from movie on my local drive and i get this error
Your input can't be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL 'http://blacknelly.myftp.org:8080/xbmc-vfs/C%3a%5cUsers%5cjason%5cVideos%5cParanormal%20Activity%5cParanormal%20Activity%201%20(2007).mp4'. Check the log for details.
i only get these errors though xbmc-video-server . in xbmc everything streams fine
Your input can't be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL 'http://localhost:8080/xbmc-vfs/smb%3a%2f%2fBLACKNELLY%2fblacknelly%2fMovies%2fA%20Million%20Ways%20To%20Die%20In%20The%20West%202014%20720p%20New%20Webrip%20x264%20AC3%20TiTAN.mkv'. Check the log for details.

not sure how to check the logs in vlc, going into messages and there is nothing there.
You've probably missed something when configuring the reverse proxy. Try without it (remove /xbmc-vfs from the backend settings) and see if it works then.
i was having the same problems without it, i only recently added it.
What do you get when you browse to the URL in your browser?
in my browser if i go to http://blacknelly.myftp.org/xbmc-video-server i have no issues i can log in and view xbmc-video-server. I just cant download or stream anything, ive tried windows media player and vlc and it just keeps giving me the above errors. Ive switched my windows 7 vm to a ubuntu vm, i installed xbmc via the software center so i think i have the frodo addition, could that be the problem?
(the above link wont work for you since my isp blocks port 80, im switching it to port 8080 once i go this figured out)

with my linux install im using port 80 instead of 8080 so the above error links are from my windows vm which was using port 8080

do i have to open any streaming ports like for xbmc or vlc media player? any ports using udp?
if i post the watch link address in my browser it doesnt work

or the download doesnt work either

could it be some permission in xbmc?
You definitely shouldn't use Frodo, it will work but some features may be missing.

What I meant by "can you browse to the URL" was what happens when you click Download on something? Can you post an example URL? Can you browse to XBMC's own web interface?
I got rid of frodo and replaced it with gotham, same problem happening.
i copied the link address when trying to download a file
http://user:password@localhost:8081/vfs/smb%3a%2f%2fBLACKNELLY%2fblacknelly%2fMovies%2fA%20Million%20Ways%20To%20Die%20In%20The%20West%202014%20720p%20New%20Webrip%20x264%20AC3%20TiTAN.mkv when i try to browse to this link it just says its unavailable.

i replaced my user and password in the link above. So now ive got gotham xbmc running in a ubuntu vm. I can access xbmcs own web interface just fine if i use blacknelly.myftp.org:8081 i can use it as a remote just fine and it starts movies in my xbmc.
@publisacman if that link doesn't work then something is wrong in your XBMC. Are you sure the source is available (BLACKNELLY)?

In other news:

CHANGELOG.md Wrote:#### 1.6.8
* added missing French translations by @Galixte
* enable database schema caching by default. It is cleared automatically when applying migrations that change it.
* load Google Fonts over HTTPS if the site itself is accessed over HTTPS (fixes mixed content warnings in the browser)
* added missing line breaks when formatting logged exceptions
* log error data when a JSON-RPC error occurs
* made the "application name" setting optional. This means nothing is rendered above the main menu if both application name and subtitle are left empty.
* the "Cast" section is no longer rendered if there is no cast information available (happens on foreign TV shows and obscure movies)
* the actor grid is now rendered the same for both movies and TV shows, i.e. clicking an actor thumbnail on a TV show page will show what movies said actor is in.
* make the layout adapt better to larger screens. Now the page gets wider and wider (up to 1920x1080) instead of staying fixed at 1170 pixels maximum.
Regarding the performance regressions, I've proposed some changes to one of the libraries used to convert the data from the API into usable form (this is the part that takes some time nowadays) which improve its performance by around 50%, once they're merged I'll bump the dependencies and tag a new version.
alright thanks for the help so far!
Now its working on the local host just not on any other pc, do i have to open any ports that are udp or ports for the media player being used (ex vlc)
just to be clear the only thing not working for other pcs is downloading and streaming.

or its apache blocking streaming or downloading access?
is it correct in the links that it says localhost? if im trying to stream from the internet shouldnt that part of the link be blacknelly.myftp.org?
You can't use localhost as the backend address unless you configure a reverse proxy. See if it works if you enable it (instructions are on the wiki).