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Full Version: XBMC Video Server: stream/download your library contents
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@ubik I think the issue is that Apache blocks any new requests while the fetching of actor names is in progress. Since the requests never finish in time (they get cancelled by the 30 second request timeout) the cache never gets popoulated and every time you go to the browse page the request is triggered again. This would definitely be fixed by the setting I mentioned earlier.

Stay tuned.
thanks negge !

if i try to refreshing the details page of a movie, the timeout is'nt reached.

i have a daily cron who run two JSON-RPC API :

I would like to add a "Flush cache" in xbmc-video-server to have a daily update.
Delete the dir : /xbmc-video-server/src/images/image-cache/* is not enough, can we have the process to made a full flush cache please negge ?
Delete the protected/runtime/apiCallCache folder. The image-cache folder is only for storing thumbnails of images, generally you never need to delete that one.
thanks !
Hey Guys,
was someone able to install the compose on a QNAP device?
I already read the post with a installation on a Synology NAS, but the QNAP had a different webserver and linux version.
When it will help I can write the error messages down. But I will ask at first, maybe someone had finished this job

Kind Regards
How do I add xmas specials of Doctor Who to server?


If I'm reading it right it should be Doctor Who (2005) folder then Specials in a sub folder right? followed by:
### - Episode Name?

I have episodes from the different seasons going in no problem. But not any of the specials.

Can anyone help please?
Nevermind it took me a while but I got it..... 00x for the season and episode number
Yes, if it appears under Specials in Kodi it will appear under specials here too.
I actually used this a lot, untill I updated to Synology Beta DSM 6. Which replaced Apache for nginx. So the .htaccess files don't work sadly enough. Is there a way to get this still working?
The applicatiom can be used with nginx as well, you can adapt the site file from the provisioning/etc/nginx folder. I haven't bothered documenting it officially (yet).

Let me know if it works out or if you need and help.
Hello Negge, i view to release the new kodi "jarvis" version 16.0, your page is compatible with the new version?
@peu7510 yes, it's compatible.
CHANGELOG.md Wrote:#### 1.8.3
* add a settings page for users where they can change the language and the landing page
* clicking the director name on a movie now links to all movies with that director
* disable actor typeahead by default (should bring major performance improvements), it's now a setting
* fix season artwork placeholder width
* update the wiki with installation instructions for Ubuntu 16.04
* add a Dockerfile, project is now published on dockerhub.com (https://hub.docker.com/r/jalle19/xbmc-video-server/)
* the Vagrant environment now contains a sample configuration file for nginx
* changed the default credentials to "kodi" and "kodi"
* fix an unfriendly error message if WOL fails
* fix error when using PHP with open_basedir restrictions
Hi negge, i am going to search the translation in spanish, i read your instructions but i have a little problem, in the pase 3 the instructions says:

In a terminal, run the command src/protected/yiic message src/protected/config/message.php. This will create a new set of files in the src/protected/messages/<language> directory.

and don't create the folders and archives to translate in spanish i have these image, if possible the commands is incorrected? And is possible to edit the pase and explain more?