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(2016-05-19, 19:08)Dumyat Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-05-19, 18:14)ianuk2005 Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-03-08, 20:28)ep0ch Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for this very cool skin. A couple of features I would like:

1. The default view for "TV" to show the EPG instead of "Favourite Channels". This would be very cool imho
2. Ability to re-order menu items

That is all, thanks again!


The EPG should be the easiest and default thing to access for live TV.
Re-ordering would be nice, i prefer live TV at the top then movies, tv shows etc.

Can't help but think custom menus is going to solve a lot of peoples requests.
If you want custom menu items and the ability to re-order them, you may want to consider downloading Guilouz's MOD of the Estuary Skin, as both of these features are available by going into skin settings and selecting Customize Main Menu.

Remember to download all the files required to make this MOD work from page one of his thread.

Yeah I saw they were in the modded version, it might be worth merging in some of the mods changes to prevent the skin branching in two directions.
I would find it useful if the "subtitle" of a program is shown in the info in the EPG view.

What I'm talking about is the area below the EPG grid. Today you see the start/endtime, the Title and the Genre and a text about the program. To me the Genre is pretty useless, but what would be nice is to see the subtitle of the program. The season/episode number and the episode name if it is a serie. The only way to see it now is to press the Info button on the selected show. Even with Genre, with could be removed, there is room for this information.

Much easier to see if it is a episode you have seen or if it is a new one.

Great minds think alike! (2342325 (post))

Probably would have been better to post here. Would move it myself, but unfortunately it's not my counter Sad.
(2016-05-22, 19:02)raptorjr Wrote: [ -> ]I would find it useful if the "subtitle" of a program is shown in the info in the EPG view.

I'm currently working on this. :-)

Same applies to PVR timer Windows and Live TV OSD, which currently all lack 'subtitle', btw.
Cool, looking forward to this =)

I know all the PVR work is a pretty new addition to Kodi, but it's getting better every day.
Hi Phil and Peirs

I've notice that in previous versions the list view has included information about the audio and video of files (codecs, audio channels and resolution). I downloaded a new nightly a few days ago and notice that it doesn't seem like the views include this information anymore.

I realize that everybody has their own opinion and you're trying to create a good looking skin that satisfies as many people as you can. To me, the way it work in previous versions was great. It displayed the information below the window and also had and HD tag in the list.


IMHO this adds much needed information and doesn't interfere with the look of the skin.

Keep up the great work.


Not sure if this is a skin or core issue, but might it be an idea to drop the Genre/Actor/Director/Studio totals from the Movies > Filter dialog?


These can be incredibly slow to calculate, and seem to serve very little purpose (other than to delay the dialog appearing by several seconds, sometimes 10's of seconds).

There's more discussion of this issue here: 277946 (thread)

Edit: Ah, just noticed that this dialog is "live" so as you toggle various parameters (eg. In progress, Year etc.) the number of genres/actors/directors/studios is updated. Eugh. Too clever for it's own good...? Potentially unusable on low powered systems (even RPi3), and only good on x86 systems. Maybe something we just live with and avoid using on lower-powered systems.

Edit2: Or perhaps the total queries can be tweaked, so that only the totals are queried (ie. a single row) and not 45000 actor rows etc., unless the filtering is taking place on the client and not in the database...
-Option to toggle which homescreen grid items appear. I don't want stuff like 'random movies' or 'unwatched series' on the home screen.
-Option to disable the subtle zoom effect when highlighting a poster/thumbnail. The scaling animation is quite ugly.
I would like to see the number of episodes available in the list view for the tv-series, just like in confluence. Now I see a year, which I don't care about. I want to be able to see how many episodes I have per serie. Now I have to scroll by all of them to see it one by one.
(2016-03-08, 15:43)rodalpho Wrote: [ -> ]I exclusively use the "List" and "Media Info" views. If a skin doesn't support something looking very much like these very simple views, I will never, ever use it.

+1 Agree! Those views are a huge miss when you come from Confluence.
(2016-05-04, 19:47)hjbotha Wrote: [ -> ]Show number of episodes rather than year for TV shows in Fanart and List views

+1 For me it's critical. I will not switch skin when it's not implemented.
Please add. Startup window to the skin:

see: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah13...xknjhp.jpg
(2016-06-10, 21:51)Smiggel Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-05-04, 19:47)hjbotha Wrote: [ -> ]Show number of episodes rather than year for TV shows in Fanart and List views

+1 For me it's critical. I will not switch skin when it's not implemented.

I will add this in next update of my mod :

Under Videos, is it possible to cascade the media sources so that 8 could potentially be seen at once rather than having to scroll across from the first 4 to the next source?

For example if one has 6 media sources, the first 4 would be present and the bottom half of the screen is vacant, whereas if the media sources could cascade, then all 6 would be seen at once.

Keep up the good work, Estuary is looking good.

I've use kodi 17 and I have few feedback in order to improve it. First I like the new UI. it's better than the kodi 16. I use it on minix 8HPlus.

-I use Kodi in order to play a lot of video in random mode all the day (I need repetition) in the big enterprise hall . I would like buttons that allow to active "random" and "repeat" modes directly on the UI. Currently it 's not easy and friendly to do that. I have to launch a video, stop, back, go playlist etc. not friendly

2 buttons on the interface are not hard to add I think. Something like this.


If possible it should be great if these two modes are always active (via chick box).

-Is it possible to have continuous play when a video is open? Currently, if you launch a video from a repository (on Android device) the video stop at the end. I would like kodi play all videos in the folder

-auto refresh library when a file is added/removed. i use an FTP in order to put video on the device.

-allow to skip a video if Kodi cannot read it

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