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(2023-03-11, 23:37)Anonnymouse Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

Thought you should know that after the latest SlyGuy Common update installed today, the HBO Max add-on stopped showing episode names, so you just see a list of season and episode numbers. Apart from that, everything else still seems to work fine.

Also, thanks for your work to date on this add-on.

This might be across the board on slyguy add-ons. I noticed the same in Hulu and Disney+. For what it's worth, a temporary workaround I found is that if you change the sort type from "episode" to "default" for that season, it shows the title after you exit and re-enter the season. You no longer see the episode number and you have to do it for each season of each series, though.
It's already been fixed with latest slyguy common
Hi, I have a strange issue with your HBO Max and Disney+ addons on my Firestick 4K running Kodi 20.1. When I start Kodi and no mater what I do, just let it idle, or browse through menus, or watch a video, after about a minute I get several popups on my display, one after the other. When I close them all in succession everything works OK from then on until the next day when I open Kodi again. I also have Netflix addon, and this does not happen with it, only with your addons.
Since I cannot collect any debug logs (as I understand this is some Fire OS limitation) I made relevant screen shots with Disney+ removed and only HBO Max running. Maybe this will be enough info to get you some Idea what is going on. 






IIRC this started happening when you started changing your "Common" addon, adding options to it that were not there before, so now those same options exist in both addons.
Hope you can advise me how to overcame this strange behavior.
HBO Max is being changed to "MAX". Will that change effect this plugin?

Thank you
Is this add-on capable of 4k playback? 

I only seem to get 1080p SDR.

I run Coreelec 21 alpha.  I can play 4k DV from my LAN and YouTube app (HLG, not HDR).

I've tried 'best' and custom and choosing high bandwidth in settings, but nothing changes.

It does pass Atmos audio fine.  Turning that OFF, didn't help on the video side.

I presume the add-on just doesn't work for 4k.
To add...my box is a Dune HD Homatics Box R 4k Plus.

Its supposed to have widevine and other certifications.
Unless its a VMP issue.

I guess the add-on isn't going to work for me.  Oh well.
(2023-05-07, 21:57)sleestack1 Wrote: [ -> ]Is this add-on capable of 4k playback? 

I presume the add-on just doesn't work for 4k.

This addon is very capable "of 4k playback", but only in Android, and NOT in CoreElec or other Linux systems. It works perfectly in 4k with Dolby Vision & Atmos, when available, on my old Firestick 4K that runs on Android 7.1.1
very well put @Sholander

as stated, even though your box (Homatics) was sold with a widevine certification this does not carry over when replacing the operating system (android) with coreelec

you may find better widevine related answers from the coreelec forum regarding widevine, if you provide a Debug Log it would show this developer which level widevine is available to kodi

the limitation resides with widevine level, not this addon
Your issue with the random pop-ups.... I can't help but think thats due to some library integration addon or something your using.
The add-on won't do that by itself

From what I read, change to MAX is just re-branding (different logo etc) and a bunch more content popping up.
Let me know once it goes live and I can rename the addon / change logo
There may be other issues - but it's anyones guess until it goes live

L1 Android device required for 4k playback
You can "force" L1 via slyguy common settings if you want, but you'll just get green / garbled screen I suspect when playing the 4k
(2023-05-08, 09:25)matthuisman Wrote: [ -> ]@Sholander
Your issue with the random pop-ups.... I can't help but think thats due to some library integration addon or something your using.
The add-on won't do that by itself

Hi, since this is my main streaming device I have only 4 addons, HBO, NF, Multi Weather and Keymap Editor, and had never any problems with any of them on my other devices. Don't use any library/integration on this FireStick device due to limited storage space...
I remembered that my "Popup" problem started after many of your updates, and several "InputStreamAdaptive" updates. I presumed that some of those are responsible for this strange behavior. So I did this:
Removed all your addons/dependencies, deleted "\storage\.kodi\userdata\addon_data\inputstream.adaptive" folder and renamed "\storage\.kodi\addons\inputstream.adaptive" folder to \storage\.kodi\addons\inputstream.adaptive.old.
After that I installed HBO-Max again, configured addon and started a movie, which triggered ISA addon installation. Everything worked OK, and after several reboots and days of using HBO no popups any more, all works OK. 
The strange thing that I noticed is that ISA installation did not make a fresh \storage\.kodi\addons\inputstream.adaptive folder, but somehow ( I don't understand how) both addons HBO & NF work with ISA files residing in renamed folder "\storage\.kodi\addons\inputstream.adaptive.oldHuh

Thanx for your help, and best regards.
Just to add some more peculiarity to my "popup problem":
Yesterday a new ISA update was offered and I updated it. The update naturally made a new "inputstream.adaptive" folder besides existing "inputstream.adaptive.old" folder that I used. 
And boom, popups started jumping out immediately after restarting Kodi. Then I removed inputstream.adaptive.old folder, and renamed the new installed folder again to .old. 
After that everything works again as it should, without any popups...
I can share my Max login.
So the Hbomax addon still fictions well but if you suscribe through max. com. Playback won't work properly.

My suggestion, keep HBOMAX / Max addon separate for international users. Blush
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