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Full Version: [OLD] HOW-TO watch Live TV in XBMC for Linux with Tvheadend, the easy way!
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if you use the newcamd protocol, yes. but you really should be using oscam instead.
odoll Wrote:sorry, maybe I'm blind, but where can I find it (or is it just still postponed - if so, I don't wanna urge you!)?

I'm also waiting for it, because this "HOWTO" has been mutated to a monster-thread and all important information - especially the initial startup/setup - are very difficult to find inside here.

Greetings _BJ1
I'm cleaning it all up after the new howto is ready, maybe create a separate forum section for pvr.
so no chance to get it running via cccam standalone (capmt)?
what's the advatage of oscam? does tvheadend also support multiple encoding with it?
dushmaniac Wrote:maybe create a separate forum section for pvr.

That would be good. All PVR client threads will be (myth,vdr,4tr) in PVR section. Nice. Smile
dushmaniac Wrote:you're probably missing nvidia-185-libvdpau

You were right, this was missing. But the vdpau is working without it, isn't it? At least XBMC told me and the CPU during playback was wonderful at 7-9 percent.
Anyway. I reinstalled XBMC using your PPA and there is still no interlaced VDPAU option. Am I really the only one who is missing it?
Maybe you have another hint, dushmaniac.
I have problems with 'SVT1 HD' on Thor.
Framerates on this channel is ~5 FPS, VDPAU shows as enabled if I press "O" in XBMC, CPU usage is low.
This is the only channel I have access to that's using 720p, all 1080i channels play just fine.
I've tried different combinations of frontend/backend configurations, both through PVR-client and adding backends as regular source under Videos.

dushmaniac's Dharma-pvr build with dushmaniac's or standard 2.12 TvHeadend, backend added in PVR-client (low FPS).

dushmaniac's Dharma-pvr build with VDR 1.7.16 + VNSI, backend added in PVR-client (low FPS).

dushmaniac's Dharma-pvr build with dushmaniac's or standard 2.12 TvHeadend, backend added as regular source under Videos in XBMC (low FPS).

The only combination that works is using VDR + VNSI as backend and adding a regular source under Videos in XBMC, though I'll miss out on all PVR functionality this way.

The channel plays just fine with vdr-sxfe also.

I did a recording trough TvHeadend, playing it back in XBMC or VLC gives same result, ~5 FPS.
cccam is closed source and it's development stopped over a year ago (unless my knowledge of cccam is outdated again). oscam is open source and under active development. supports the same stuff as cccam and more.

but since this isn't legal in all countries, I'm not discussing softcam any more than just the globals here.

what videocard are you using?

disable sync to display, display postprocessing, enable vdpau, set deinterlacing option to (vdpau) temporal.
It is a Nvidia OnBoard 8300 and for TV it is a Tevii470.
dushmaniac: please later add something like this: always start with channel X - no last watched
reason: (into this time) is xbmc used only as "TV" -> disabled into remote all button except channel up/down;sound up/down;mute... and if someone switch bad number to nonexist channel then is not possible switch channel number and after xbmc stop/start it start into this bad number = it is time to enable all button into remote and fix it Smile

or if it switched to bad channel then auto switch to next working ?

looks like your card's too old or doesn't have enough video memory available. since it's an integrated card, go to your bios settings and assign at least 512MB to the video card if possible and try again.

you can find some info here: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/VDPAU

I'm trying to understand what you are saying, but I'm not sure I got this right.
You got "resume playback on startup" enabled, but the channel can't be played after a restart? And you want to solve it by using a default channel?
yes, xbmc after run auto start TV and switched to last watched channel (as "normal" TV) - this is good but problem is if last channel is switched to bad - example i need switch to 22 but i switch to 222 - xbmc show popoup with blabla, if i now "kill" xbmc and run then TV dont start - xbmc say only channel blabla Smile - if channel doesn exist then then switch to "safe" channel
safe = defined into menu or...
right, so the problem is that invalid channel info was stored there. that can't occur anymore after yesterday's changes to the database.

and your proposed solution isn't a proper one anyway Smile
oooooo great news

edit: i see you change db format - this is good and bad news (for me) - after one day i must update something Smile
you shouldn't be using the latest development version if you're not developing.