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Full Version: A Confluence ZEITGEIST [ 17 Krypton | 18 Leia | 19 Matrix | 20 Nexus | 21 Omega ]
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Happy holidays @axbmcuser. Come on now, take a break!!! Sorry for the SPAM. See you next year!
(2022-12-24, 08:20)SnakeCRO Wrote: [ -> ]Come on now, take a break!!!

Some people just live on a different planet, and/or have a different mindset about holidays.
Happy holidays to YOU too, axbmcuser. Big Grin.
Have a good one.
Hello developer, Zeitgeist is my favorite skin, but after the upgrade, playing video shows the menu every time you use the stepsize (30, 60, etc.)
This is very disturbing if you just want to move forward a bit.

This was not the case in the previous version. Can this be turned off again? (or an on/off option in Skin settings?)
Ah shhh, here we go again Tongue

Feedback: Let me know how the reworked reduced full screen info/osd works out for you all. Thanks.

Changelog: (version numbers vary for different Kodi versions!)

4.4.17 (2022-12-30)

- Improve VideoFullScreen buffering indicator conditions
(Now shown less: Only if % is less than 100, only if buffering takes longer than 110ms and only if Player.IsInternetStream is true)

- [VideoFullScreen] [VideoOSD] [MusicVisualisation] [DialogSeekBar]
Reworked FullScreen Info/OSD for much more simplicity (Rework includes all sections: Movies, TV Show Episodes, Videos, Music)
Corresponding new Skin setting:
Skin settings -> OSD + Dialogs -> "Reduced Fullscreen Info OSD   (Default: On)"

- Added new "DefaultTV" icon for PVR dialogs (mostly used as fallback for missing channel icons. Default video icon - which was used before - was kinda unfitting)

- Reworked/improved most PVR dialogs
Including the following changes:
- - Channel icons now always on the left side within lists)
- - Fixed plot values regarding line breaks issues of EpisodeName
- - Improved plot values regarding duplicate properties of EpisodeName and Plot itself (show only one property in such cases)

- [Custom_1107_SearchDialog] Added Netflix search button (Visible if Kodi Netflix add-on is installed)
- [Custom_1107_SearchDialog] Updated Prime Video Search including a new icon (Visible if Kodi Prime Video add-on is installed)
- [Custom_1107_SearchDialog] Updated YouTube + TMDB Search icons

- [_includes] Added a few additional VideoPlayer.AudioLanguage/SubtitlesLanguage conditions for Kodi DSPlayer/KodiDS

- [MyMusicPlaylistEditor] Slight improvements to visuals and font styles (Could use some more work)

- [VideoFullScreen] Removed unused AudioDSP entries (deprecated)

- [IncludesPVR] Removed unused View Change button for PVR SideBlade
Hi axbmcuser,
I was wondering if you could add a setting for when one would like to stay in the Favourites list when you exit out of a favourites list item instead of going back to the home main menu. Generally, when I exit out of a favourites list item I then go to another list item. It would save a few clicks.
I hope I explained everything properly.

Happy New Year, axbmcuser (and everyone else, as well).
Thank you. Smile.
@Trespasser Thanks, likewise!

Regarding your question:
As far as i can see, this is handled internally by the Kodi application. Once you start an item in the open Favorites dialog, the dialog will be closed by Kodi before starting the playback of the just selected item.

I did some further checking. Kodi closes the dialog before playback, because otherwise the favorites dialog would stay on top of the playing video.

What about the new reduced full screen info/osd? Could you already have a look at it (with different media like movies, tv show episodes and maybe even music)?
New releases online

Changelog: (version numbers vary for different Kodi versions!)

3.5.19 (2023-01-03)

- Further tweaking and visual fine tuning for "Reduced Fullscreen Info OSD" [VideoFullScreen] [MusicVisualisation]

- Internal code changes to "Reduced Fullscreen Info OSD" (Some of them have no visible changes for the end user)
- [DialogSeekBar] Added Player.HasPerformedSeek(2) because Player.DisplayAfterSeek is removed for Kodi 20
- [Custom_1107_SearchDialog] Changed URL for Netflix search
- [VideoFullScreen] Further UI refinements (Refined and shortened "Next" pvr item display, fadeout top animation and more)
- [MusicVisualisation] Further UI refinements (Refined and shortened "Next" track display, ratings display in reduced UI and more)
- [VideoOSD] Removed Audio DSP OSD button (deprecated after Kodi 17)

- [Textures] Reworked all remaining graphics that needed some work, including:
- - Reworked DiscMenu button for VideoOSD (rarely ever used)
- - Reworked all remaining DefaultXXX icons like the ones for HardDisk, Network and more
- - Added some DefaultPVR graphics from upstream, most likely only used in higher Kodi versions
- - Removed now unused files: contentpanel.png, recentaddedback.png, defaultaudiodsp.png, osddspaudiofo.png, osddspaudionf.png
- - Added 2K resolution flag (1080p now also shows "2K" instead of "1080" since the new name is now quite widely used for that resolution and has a shorter, simpler look to it in our use cases)

- [ViewsMusicLibrary] Minor cleanup of unused legacy Music Artwork view (Deprecated and will be replaced with a similar Artwork View similar to the one from VideoLibrary)
- Renamed recently added DefaultTV.png to DefaultPVRChannels.png to be coherent with default PVR icon name of newer Kodi versions

- Added 2 new Advanced Skin Settings:
- - Skin settings – Advanced - OSD + Dialogs – "Show video resolution on opened Reduced Fullscreen buttons OSD   (Default: Off)"
- - Skin settings – Advanced - OSD + Dialogs – "Show audio channels on opened Reduced Fullscreen OSD   (Default: Off)"
Both settings are recommended to be set to "Off" because of the cleaner OSD impression when opening VideoOSD.

- Changelog revised to be more xml syntax safe

3.5.18 (2022-12-31)

- Improved full screen info/osd visual condition for very rare case of playing videos without audio track (and therefore empty VideoPlayer.AudioLanguage property)

- Removed some bottom item counts for PVR dialogs (Affects "Timer rules" and more)

- [VideoFullScreen] Minor improvements, including: Cohesive picon fadetime, added missing VisibleFadeEffect for SubtitlesLanguage, added missing VideoPlayer.SubtitlesEnabled condition for Kodi 18+ (does no harm on 17 also)
- [_variables] Minor improvements, including: Corrected conditions/brackets for VideoPlayer.AudioLanguage and VideoPlayer.SubtitlesLanguage
- [Includes] Remove unused SelectLabel
(2022-12-31, 18:21)axbmcuser Wrote: [ -> ]@Trespasser Thanks, likewise!

Regarding your question:
As far as i can see, this is handled internally by the Kodi application. Once you start an item in the open Favorites dialog, the dialog will be closed by Kodi before starting the playback of the just selected item.

I did some further checking. Kodi closes the dialog before playback, because otherwise the favorites dialog would stay on top of the playing video.

What about the new reduced full screen info/osd? Could you already have a look at it (with different media like movies, tv show episodes and maybe even music)?
Thanks, axbmcuser, for your reply to my question. I appreciate your efforts. You put a lot of work into this project.
Have a good one, bud.
Just released more changes.
Some feedback regarding the much changed "reduced FullScreen OSD" and other latest changes would still be very welcome.  HuhSmile

Todays releases

Changelog: (version numbers vary for different Kodi versions!)

3.5.20 (2023-01-06)

- Reworked all FullScreen OSD buttons + icons for VideoOSD and MusicOSD
- Additionaly, reworked accordingly: playlist_icon.png, OSDPause.png (simplified), OSDPlay.png, VolumeIcon.png, icon-mute.png

- [_variables] Fix KodiDS+madVR AudioLanguage and SubtitlesLanguage label conditions
- [EventLog] [DialogPlayerProcessInfo] [SettingsSystemInfo] Sligtly reworked visuals and font styles
- [MyPVRChannels] Reworked visuals for more simplicity (Including channel icon visual tweaking)
- [DialogPVRChannelsOSD] Slightly reworked visuals for more simplicity (Including channel icon visual tweaking)
- [MyPVRRecordings] Fallback to DefaultPVRChannels icon instead of DefaultVideo or DefaultTVShows icons (Workaround for Kodi 17-20 bug/inconsistency)
- [VideoOSD] Add condition for AudioLanguage OSD button down-shortcut (Only execute action if AudioLanguage is not empty. This avoids rare crash situations for KodiDS when playing videos without audio track)
- [VideoFullScreen] [MusicVisualisation] Make top and bottom fadeout gradient slightly more transparent and less dark
- [VideoFullScreen] Corrected +3px LiveTV  VideoOSD button x-position difference compared to other media playing
- [DialogBusy] Reworked font style and animated Kodi logo size, also reworked texture busy_kodi.png + added high resolution variant busy_kodi_uhd.png

- [Textures] Added additional texture variants for high resolution displays:
aczg_logo_settings_uhd.png, aczg_logo_skin_settings_uhd.png, DefaultSuperFolderVideos_uhd.png, kodi-logo-large_uhd.png, madvr-logo_uhd.png, madvr-logo-full_uhd.png, settings_uhd.png, icon_power_uhd.png, icon_search_uhd.png, kodi-logo_uhd.png, also slightly improved variants of same textures for regular resolution
- [Textures] Reworked DefaultFile.png (less bulky looking)
- [Textures] Reworked DefaultIconError.png, DefaultIconWarning.png, DefaultIconInfo.png, GoFullscreen.png
- [Textures] Removed unused textures: contentpanelmirror.png, globalsearch-background.jpg
- [Textures] New home menu system icon (regular and high resolution variants),
also changed all other icons which used the old system/settings/gear symbol: OSDAudio/OSDVideo OSD settings button, icon_system.png, settings_level.pngl
a late happy new year to you @axbmcuser  Smile

amazing work as always! i've noticed the updates since i was last on here and have been familiarising with the relevant stuff in the changelog.

first of all, thanks a lot for listening to my previous feedback and releasing the fix so quickly. (the "Download" button on the subtitle mini sub-menu, and the VideoOSD closing while in the Download subtitle dialog). much appreciated! 

the most noticeable recent change is the "Reduced Fullscreen OSD". it came as a surprise so i thought it was a bug at first. haha. for it's minimalistic purpose, i think it's great but personally i still prefer to have all the video information (resolution, codecs, etc.) displayed. it doesn't really add much clutter to the the OSD in my opinion. it's good that u included a setting to turn it on/off for individual preference.

btw, the term "2K" is not really used much in my country so I was a bit confused at first. hehe. not a big issue, but again i like having all the information so 1080 still seems more accurate to me since 2K covers a range of resolutions.

i like that you have now removed irrelevant buttons from the video OSD based on the media played. definitely a cleaner look, and also less remote control clicks to get to the video option buttons. 

still my all time favourite Kodi skin! thanks again for all the work you put into this. Smile

Thanks for the feedback.

Regarding the reduced INFO-OSD:

I don't recommend using the old bulky full Info-OSD, but i'll leave the Skin setting option in there for now.
As you may have seen under "Skin Settings > Advanced" you can enable a "video resolution" and "audio channels" icon even when using the now default "reduced INFO-OSD". These icons are then not shown while seeking/skipping, but if you press ENTER/OK to show the OSD buttons itself, they will get displayed.

Sometimes it takes some time and getting used to letting old visual habits go. :-)

Regarding the 1080/2K-icon:

If i remember correctly, the Kodi application itself uses the "1080" tag in fact for ALL resolutions that are "near 1080p". So Kodi already uses "1080" as a term for what really is 2K (as you mentioned, meaning all "near" 1080p resolutions).

Therefore switching to the more 2K-icon should be technically more correct and as mentioned also more visually pleasing.


New changes: (version numbers vary for different Kodi versions!)

3.5.21 (2023-01-11)

- Further visual improvements of all FullScreen OSD buttons + icons for VideoOSD and MusicOSD
- [DialogVideoInfo] Improved visuals (Also changed movie/episode Runtime format, button transparency and adapted "service.duration.helper" addon on Kodi 17 accordingly to support the changes) also affects [_variables] [Includes]
- - Includes rework of icons: icon_minus_red.png, icon_mylist.png, icon_play.png, icon_plus.png, icon_plus_green.png, icon_watched.png
- Reworked MusicOSD icons for "Repeat" and "Shuffle" (including all sub variants)

- Hide disabled Pause Button for VideoOSD if Player.PauseEnabled is false. (Mostly affects LiveTV but also the other almost non-existant cases)
- Reduced Video Info OSD: Added minimalistic animated "Now Recording" icon for LiveTV channel (visible during live-recording of the current channel)
- Improved display of background Music Visualization + Fanart/Backgrounds at the same time
- Improved fanart handling [IncludesBackgroundBuilding]
- [VideoOSD] [MusicOSD] Improved mouse support for mini sub menus (Enabling/using a mouse is still never recommended though)
- Improved visuals and changed font styles for for notification dialogs: DialogExtendedProgressBar, DialogNotification
- [MusicVisualisation] Further UI refinements (Shortened track artist display to album artist)
- [VideoFullScreen] [MusicVisualisation] Further UI refinements (Changed font colors and removed last remaining font shadows for more modern+clean look)
- [Textures] Reworked arrow-big-left.png, arrow-big-right.png, arrow-white.png, DefaultTVShows.png, OSDPlay.png, icon_video_tvshows.png because of corresponding other texture changes
- [Textures] Removed unused textures: 100x100_green.png, 100x100_red.png, OSDPreFO.png, OSDPreNF.png, OSDPresetSettingsFO.png, OSDPresetSettingsNF.png, icon_player.png

- [DialogBusy] Reworked dialog, removed unused progress bar, removed "Loading..." text, dialog now displayed in center of the screen while loading. Changed [DialogNotification] accordingly (removed conditional x-move)
- [VideoFullScreen] Replaced buffering indicator percentage label with identical Kodi loading logo icon without any text
3.5.22 (2023-01-13)

- Replace PlayerControl(Next/Previous) commands with ChannelUp/ChannelDown for LiveTV
(Workaround for Kodi 18+ bug with non working channel switching with the mentioned PlayerControl commands)
Affects [VideoOSD] [MusicOSD] [MusicVisualisation] [PlayerControls] [Includes]
- [MusicOSD] Minor visual improvements (Includes: Hide Playlist button for LiveTV radio channels, Hide disabled Pause button (typical for LiveTV))
- [MusicVisualisation] Change fallback image for LiveTV radio channels to DefaultPVRChannels.png (Before: DefaultAlbumCover.png), removed some unneeded control ids
- Removed [PlayerControls] dialog (Reason: Heavily redundant and outdated control concept) Includes post removal clean-up: Deleted SmallVideoInfo and SmallMusicInfo from [Includes]
Hello everybody! And thank you axbcmuser for your skin, which is the most beautiful and comfortable skin I ever tested. I used it on Kodi 17, then for a long time I was stuck with Estuary (which I don't like). Now I visited this thread, and saw that the new versions are Kodi 19/20 compatible, so I eagerly downloaded and installed it on plain-vanilla Kodi 20 beta in my Fire TV stick, and on CoreElec 20 beta in my Odroid N2+. I have a question: does anybody experience video jerkiness when using Zeitgeist? In both my devices, when I use Estuary, the same video file is not jerky at all. The problem is much worse with the Odroid than with the Fire stick, which is odd because the N2+ has a much more powerful hardware than the Fire Stick. I left all Zeitgeist settings at default for now. Can somebody please help me in finding a solution? Thanks!
@Lo Zio 
Hi, thanks for the feedback.
The skin itself can't cause that - but surely python add-ons can (Could be the two small helper add-ons which the skin relies on or a bad combination with other python add-ons on the system which cause the issue when running simultaneously).
Pretty sure it can be narrowed down with more information.
- At a first step it would be interesting to know how it behaves on Kodi 19 on both devices
- Describe the stutter in more detail (how often? every x seconds? permanently? like a audio distoring robot-voice?) (Short video would be much appreciated)
- And please supply a Kodi debug log from Kodi 19+20 (There i can see every other add-on that is running)