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Full Version: A Confluence ZEITGEIST [ 17 Krypton | 18 Leia | 19 Matrix | 20 Nexus | 21 Omega ]
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Could you please test (multiple times, maybe restart kodi in between) the addons browser section of kodi on Kodi 18 regarding the blurred mood background effect?

Meaning this:
https://images4.imagebam.com/db/20/ea/MENHW6G_o.jpg + https://images4.imagebam.com/71/9f/bf/MENHW6I_o.jpg

Does this work for you? Every time?
Test it on multiple addons in the "all addons" section. Then maybe restart kodi and test some more (not before tested addons) with opening the "Addon Info" page like in the screenshot above.
Test the same addon info page multiple times in a row. Opening, closing the info page, open the same one again.

On my Kodi 18.9 Android test setup the image blurring doesn't work every time. Sometimes the background ends up displaying just the UNBLURRED icon or just a grey-black default background gradient which is both wrong. Maybe a problem of old Android Kodi 18.
Tested thousands of opened addon info pages on Kodi 18 (Windows) without issues with the image-blurring functionality. Hmm.

Thank you
@axbmcuser YES YES YES. the new version 3.6 looks AMAZING!! 

can't wait for the Kodi 18 update to drop and test this baby out!
looks like ive spoken too soon, Kodi 18 is out already!

will test everything out and update here soon.... Smile
Now online for Kodi 19+20:

- A Confluence ZEITGEIST (KODI 19+20)   5.6.0

- Cinema Helper (KODI 19+20)   2.1.0 (Python 3)
- ListItem Helper (KODI 19+20)   1.4.0 (Python 3)
- Library Data Provider Lite (KODI 19+20)   1.4.0 (Python 3)
@axbmcuser finished a quick test drive of 4.6.0 on Kodi 18 last night. loving the new look with the curved edges, animation and other subtle details. everything looks very clean and minimal now 👍

so here's some stuff i noticed:

1. As before the upate, Seasons pages still use the WallX2 view despite setting View ID 50 (List) or View ID 509 (Seasons) as the forced Preset View. This behavior also seems to now be happening with Add-on pages, which also displays in WallX2 view ignoring the forced Preset View setting (I set mine to View ID 50).

2. The forced Preset View for Non-DB video files folders seems to be working fine when I set it to View ID 50 (List), which is great! Been waiting a long time for this one Smile

3. This may not be a bug, but just something I found curious. When I enable the Exit Screen and disable Kodi logo on exit, am I supposed to be seeing a blank screen while Kodi is shutting down? Reason I ask is because there is an actual Startup/Welcome screen, so just wondering if the Exit Screen is meant to be something similar

4. Great job on the improvements to the Subtitle Search/Download screen!

5. After seeing that screenshot of your Video Info screen, I just realized that I'm not seeing the same thing on mine (all the stuff highlighted in yellow). 


- How do I get all the review ratings from the different sources to appear? i LOVE that! Smile
- How do I enable the "My List+" and "Watched+" tabs, and what are they used for?

6. I was not able to figure out what this new setting does exactly. I don't actually see any "Video Ratings" displayed on Wall View even with this setting disabled.
Quote:- Added new Videos section sidebar feature "Hide Video Ratings" which hides all ratings from all modern views (Fanart + Wall Views)

7. Finally, I'd be more than happy to help you test the "blurred mood background" on the Add-on Info pages. However, I just need to confirm what the difference is between a "blurred mood background" and an "unblurred" one, as I am not very sure what is the expected behaviour. Right now, I can see a background kind of a like the new default Frosted Glass background being used, and it seems to change its main colour to the colour of the Add-on icon (takes a couple seconds to change). I tried this with several Add-ons and also rebooted a few times like you suggested. It seems to be working as I described each time.

Hope that helps, and feel free to let me know what else you might need me to help test. 

Amazing work as always, and truly appreciate all the time and sweat you put into this one! 🙏

Thanks for the input. Much appreciated. I'll have a look, beginning with what you have reported about the forced views functionality.

Will be back with maybe some more questions.

The mentioned "force views" issue should be fixed. Fix is online now. Please retest sometime. Thanks again.

This affects "Add-ons" and "Games"

"Seasons" works fine for me on all platforms and versions - as before.

Are we talking about TV shows which are regulary part of your own Kodi media library - it should work.

Thanks for the quick response, will test out the Add-ons view later tonight. 👍

About the Seasons view issue, it is happening on the Seasons pages of TV Shows from Video Add-ons, not my local Kodi media library. I have not tested the latter actually as I do not import any of my own files to Kodi (prefer to just watch them straight off my HDD folder).
I really like the new aczg-5.6.0 version. Very nice. Smile. Thanks axbmcuser.

Thanks for the feedback. Good to see some Kodi 19-21 users in the mix! Smile
What Kodi version+platform do you use? (You may have mentioned it a long time ago, but i don't remember)
Hi axbmcuser,
I'm running LibreELEC 10.0.4, Kodi 19.5, on a raspberrypi 4.

Thanks again.
@axbmcuser Tested and can confirm the forced preset view settings are working fine for the Add-ons page now, at least for Kodi 18 👍
I’ve just updated to 5.6.1. Using CoreELEC 20.2 on my trusty Nexbox a95x b7n. Loving every piece of the new style, everything seems to be working as I like it and the old looks did. Thank you so much for your work, what an amazing update, I’m enjoying the new faded backgrounds too. Best regards.

Thanks for talking the time letting me know. Much appreciated.

Especially since we have some external feedback for Kodi 18, 19 and 20.

Some minor fixes, more visual simplifications and improvements are on the way.
Now online

- A Confluence ZEITGEIST (KODI 17)   3.6.3
- A Confluence ZEITGEIST (KODI 18)   4.6.3
- A Confluence ZEITGEIST (KODI 19-21)   5.6.3

Important note

As you may have noticed, after every recent skin update, some basic skin settings (like setting the default background) have been reset to default every time (by intent):

It is planned to remove this behaviour in the future so you don't have to set your users chosen background again every time.

For now, this behaviour served the purpose having all users on (some) identical, clean settings for this large milestone x.6.0+ release.

(version numbers vary for different Kodi versions)


3.6.3 (2023-08-19)

- Updated DefaultAddonsUpdates icon (Added a red dot to the existing icon)
- Reworked and simplified System Settings root dialog and similar system dialogs
- Removed now unused texture black-back2.png
- Further simplified settings level icon
- Improved settings category active indicator (width +1px)
- Reworked slider base bars to a slimmer look
- Fixed rare bug causing custom wallpaper(s) not to be shown (when hexagons advanced is selected (but disabled))
- Updated background simulation language string wording for SkinSettings

Kodi 17 only
- Restored home screen default focus code (needed exclusively on Kodi 17)

3.6.2 (2023-08-18)

- Updated addon summary and description text

Kodi 19+ only
- Improved default focus for DialogAddonInfo dialog