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Full Version: A Confluence ZEITGEIST [ 17 Krypton | 18 Leia | 19 Matrix | 20 Nexus | 21 Omega ]
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The default pointer size of 32 x 40 seems oversized to me on both the Windows 7 laptop and the Windows 10 monitor. I change all 4 settings to 20 x 27 in Pointer.xml on the Windows 7 laptop. The resolution is 1600 x 900 at 60 Hz. I also change the settings on the Windows 10 monitor to 20 x 27. That monitor is an HP 19" monitor with resolution of 1440 x 900 at 75 Hz. At 32 x 40, the pointer on the Windows 7 laptop is comparable in size to the System icon in the main menu. I did the same thing with both Confluence and Xonfluence skins.

With 5.6.8, "total time" still gets truncated on the Windows 7 machine with Nexus. Unfortunately, it now happens with the Windows 10/Omega combination also. I am running the 08/29 nightly of Nexus, and the 08/30 nightly of Omega. I also using the same version of Nexus on the Firestick. All addons, etc. seem to be working fine with both versions.

I regret having even mentioned this to you as it is strictly a Kodi problem. I had never used the skin prior to 5.6.1. Last night I read through all the changes and improvements you have made from 5.6.0 on. The quality of the skin is a direct reflection of your hard work.

Thank you.

What do you mean?

- Does 5.6.8 truncate "total time" even if you do ReloadSkin()?
- Has behaviour regarding this changed between 5.6.7 and .8?
Reloading the skin does fix it on both computers.
Pretty sure the cut off of total time on the Windows 10/Omega machine did not happen with 5.6.7, but I do see it with 5.6.8. I have not gone back and reinstalled 5.6.7, but I can if you want me to be absilutely sure.

Just to be sure, because it get's confusing:

We're still talking about the exact truncation that occurs _IF_ you switch between screen modes (window/fullscreen), correct? If you start Kodi fullscreen directly (no window mode before!) then the issue does not occur, correct?
We're still talking about the exact trucation that occurs _IF_ you switch between screen modes (window/fullscreen), correct? That is correct.

If you start Kodi fullscreen directly (no window mode before!) then the issue does not occur, correct? That is correct.

Good to hear. Thanks for the clarification.

Then i don't know why you reported it here again? (not meant as criticism. Maybe a misunderstanding? Did i miss something?)

I thought we identified it as a long standing standard Kodi application behaviour in form of Kodi being sensitive to display mode changes, which cause rendering inaccurancies.

If you want to switch display modes while Kodi is running, you have to do ReloadSkin() after switching between window|fullscreen.

Let me know if i missed something.
New releases for all Kodi generations are now online:

With this release, all Kodi generations are now in sync again. (Kodi 17 was behind for a week and Kodi 18 for a few days)

@dreamx Please confirm that the tv show/season poster issue is resolved for you. Thanks.

5.6.9 (2023-08-31)

- Solved tv show poster overring the season poster in some cases [_variables]
- Additionaly improved display of "All seasons" tv show poster when using Wall Views (now using correct "scale" aspect ratio instead of "keep" which solves showing unwanted borders) [_ViewsFileMode_walls]

Minor code improvements [VideoFullScreen] [MusicVisualisation] [IncludesCodecFlagging]
Including: stinger_scene.png removed aspect ratio tag; for album cover: use "scale" instead of "keep", change scaling for ratingstars to "center"

[Textures] Added DefaultFolder_poster.png for Kodi 17-only "All seasons" poster texture workaround

5.6.8 (2023-08-31)

[DialogSeekbar] Further refined potential workaround for very rare occurence of truncated "total time" label
(Identified as an issue of the Kodi core regarding UI/font rendering when changing between windowed and fullscreen mode)

Minor code improvements
[Custom_SideMenuHelp] [IncludesCodecFlagging] [Custom_1185_WelcomeNewVersion] [VideoOSD] [MusicOSD] [VideoFullScreen] [MusicVisualisation] [VideoOSDBookmarks]

[DialogAddonSettings] [MyGames] Fixed some final "button-focus.png" borders (6 must be 14) that were missed during the resolution rework merging
Updated click target for "Get More" sidebar button in Games section

5.6.7 (2023-08-29)

[VideoFullScreen] [DialogSeekBar] [_includes] [IncludesCodecFlagging]
Minor code improvements, includes potential fix for very rare occurence of truncated "total time" label with non native display resolutions/aspect ratio

Kodi 18+ only
- Fixed main menu default focus when only very few main menu items are configured to be visible (Focus should be always on first item)
Just letting you know that the same thing was happening on both computers when prior to 5.6.8 it was only on one. I won't be bugging you any more. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.

Ahhh. I see. Now i understand. Well, that's good to know information, even if the issue is Kodi itself.

Reason for this happening may be:
The inaccurancies can occur slightly different or even random, depending on a) randomness and/or b) whatever or any code changes which are unrelated. Therefore there is no real fix or workaround i could do.

Everything points to the same end fact: Kodi only renders UI without inaccuracies if you don't change screen modes while Kodi is already running. (Fixable by doing ReloadSkin() after such window changes)

If you want to take the time, you could create a bug report for the Kodi application itself. Then the root cause could be possibly fixed.
Can confirm: the season posters are back, showing correctly.
Thank you,

@axbmcuser it's been a minute. just wanted to say that the latest update with the new fullscreen OSD looks great! 👍🏻

i always felt a certain way about the previous revised off center OSD. i figured i'll just get used to it (which i actually did) instead of imposing my personal taste onto u. but good to know that a fullscreen OSD had always been in the works.

well done as always!

Thanks for the update/feedback.

Yeah, i always wanted to go fully centered, but i had to rework the fullscreen OSD in steps, because the now fully centered rework required much more conceptional thoughts to make it fully work for all areas (library movie/tvshows/video, music, live tv+radio) and fit all (partially optional) elements to new places, where many of them make much more sense than previously.
Also, i used the chance to further improve and simplify things along the way like the now removed active chapter indicator, which now can be found within the "Bookmarks/chapters" dialog where it finally has some true use and serves the purpose of intuitive orientation regarding chapter navigation when viewing the dialog.

Also, i'm a big fan of releasing major changes without many remaing issues, which took me some additional time to make sure the changes are equally ""near-flawless"" for all Kodi generations versions.

Quite happy with the milestone.

Did some smaller (unreleased) refinements since the last update. (New mute icon + visuals) which will go live asap.

Thanks again.
New releases online:
(for all Kodi generations)

5.6.10 (2023-09-16)

- Reworked and expanded optional post movie dialog feature (See: Skin settings - Advanced settings - Cinema options - Custom End Screen)

- New Skin settings option for "Video Info Dialog": "Show audio codec/channels" (New default: Off)

- Clean-up regarding some Skin settings labels

- Usability: Improved click-targets for better navigation feel within DialogSelect [Includes_DialogSelect]

- Renamed texture home_icons/uhd/_home_icon_programs.png to _home_icon_addons.png [Home]
- Removed audio channels info from "Fanart" view (video resolution remains unchanged)

- Improved rendering of texture "icon_search_large.png" and simplified text+icon header of [Custom_1107_SearchDialog] which uses that textures


- New "mute"-icon (Circular visuals just did not feel right). Now using a rectangle with rounded corners. [Textures] [DialogVolumeBar]
- Reworked main menu focus layout visuals (rounded corners upped from 24 to 30). Added white_border30.png

- Reworked "settings level" icon with more simplified visuals
- Reworked "stinger scene" icon with more simplified visuals

- New "movies" icon (affects main menu icon including pseudolib, window header, DefaultMovies.png)
- Updated multiple "music" (note) related icons to be consistent with other existing icons which contain a music note
- Reworked "addons" icon with more simplified visuals

- New "power" icons with more simplified and rounded visuals
- Reworked "artists/actors/user" and related icons with rounded visuals at the lower line ends (which were cut off straight before)
(DefaultActor DefaultArtist DefaultMusicArtists DefaultMusicRoles DefaultUser)

- Updated x-position of DialogBusy inner icon by +1px (Looked slightly off before)

- Minor update for DefaultAddonSkin.png
Happy to report that the upcoming version will finally also support and use locally scaped ListItem.Rating(xxx) values besides the live ratings support via the "ListItem Helper" OMDb API (which still is highly recommended for more up to date and additional values).

Therefore, the API(-keys) based solution will be a bit more "optional" for users who can't or won't use it.

At the time of writing, the following most common property names will be supported (higher listed names of the same rating will take priority):

# rotten romatoes

# rotten tomatoes audience rating

# metacritic

# imdb

If live-ratings are available, they will take priority over an existing local ListItem.Rating(xxx) property, so you will get the scores which most likely will always be a bit newer than the locally scraped values.