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Full Version: A Confluence ZEITGEIST [ 17 Krypton | 18 Leia | 19 Matrix | 20 Nexus | 21 Omega ]
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Thanks for the details. Just to be clear:
There is no issue with the label in the skin. It's already very wide and there's no chance it's too narrow in widths for the text. It will most likely be a strange font rendering issue of the Kodi application itself.

We still can try to workaround it.

Is the issue just fixed on Omega on the Win10 machine? Or also Nexus?

Would be great to know if it would also be fixed on the Win7 machine if it had running Win10. Imho, Win7 is not a good media center OS anymore. I use a stripped down Win10 now after holding on very long to Win7 on a secondary HTPC and this resolved some annoying quirks.

I'll release another try of a workaround asap.
Omega on Windows 10 looks fine running in a window (1200 x 723) and full screen. Nexus on Windows 7 looks fine running in a window (1312 x 738) but truncates "total time"when running full screen. I have those window sizes set for Kodi on start up in Advanced Settings.

I don't think you need to waste any more time on this issue. With what you have already done, I would imagine it will be an even rarer occurrence than before. I basically just use Kodi on the Windows 10 computer or on the Firestick. I will be migrating to the Windows 10 desktop pretty soon.

Thank you for the great support you provide.
Hmm. We'll test at least one more workaround.

But after reading your very last post, i have another angle which i want to ask about:

Did you reload the skin after going fullscreen? Kodi is very sensitive to changes between window+fullscreen mode in regards to skin and font rendering.
I personally always Reload the skin when changing from window to fullscreen and vice versa to avoid this.

Please test:

Test 1:
Don't start Kodi in window mode, but start Kodi in fullscreen directly
(temporarily remove you window settings in advancedsettings.xml and just add "<fullscreen>true</fullscreen>")
Additionaly you could also test both fullscreen modes (fullscreen window and fullscreen exclusive, both with restarting Kodi)
Just to gather more data.

Test 2:
Using your old settings (starting Kodi windowed), you can alternatively also Reload the skin after going fullscreen to avoid common rendering issues. (Via a keymapped Reload() command or if that's too much work than you could just change skins AFTER you have already changed to Fullscreen. Just change to another Skin, don't confirm (which then goes back to this skin). This should be equal to a Reload. But Test 1 should be the more important.)
Question @ ALL:

Does anyone use or would want to use the skin on a "21:9"-display?

I think about adding support for one more common display aspect ratio, which would be 2560x1080 (old most common 21:9 resolution) or 3440x1440 (more common today+in the future - 20px wider than the other res - would translate to 2580 x 1080 )
Just tried Test 2 as it was the easiest. Using your changing skin method does the trick. Does this give you all the information you need or should I do test 1 also?
That was fast. What do you mean be "does the trick"? It the issue solved after reloading the skin in Test 2?
Just tried Test 1 using <fullscreen>true</fullscreen> and total time was not truncated. What do I put in Advanced Settings to get it to start "fullscreen window" mode?

Yes the issue is solved using Test 2. It is also solved using Test 1 with fullscreen exclusive in Advanced Settings. I can test full screen windowed if I know what to put in Advanced Settings.

Learning a lot here.

Ahh. Thanks. So. Then we have our answer! There is no issue to workaround here. No need for further action.

This is standard Kodi behaviour and not specific to any particular skin.

When changing between window+fullscreen mode and vice versa, Kodi causes UI/Font rendering issues/inaccuracies.
Best case, you don't notice them since they are not really noticeable, but that's how things are when not doing a ReloadSkin() after switching.

After knowing this, you know what to do:

If changing between window+FS is common use for you, you should maybe map a remote or keyboard key (i use the R-key) to ReloadSkin() to always have precise and correct rendering.
I don't do it often, but I would like to know how to map the R key as you suggest. Is there a place I can learn how to do that?

Since Omega running on Windows 10 does not do this, is there a chance that Kodi has fixed this in that version? Omega will not run on Windows 7 so I cannot test.

Thank you so much.

I don't think there are any fixes to this long standing rendering inaccurancies issue when switching screen modes. (not in Omega or elsewhere)

Copy the default keyboard.xml of the Kodi version (found in the application folder most likely) to your Kodi profiles userdata/keymaps/ folder. Then edit it, only changing what you need:


More (maybe too much) info:
New minor releases for Kodi 18-21 skin versions (17 coming later)

5.6.8 (2023-08-31)

[DialogSeekbar] Further refined potential workaround for very rare occurence of truncated "total time" label
(Identified as an issue of the Kodi core regarding UI/font rendering when changing between windowed and fullscreen mode)

Minor code improvements
[Custom_SideMenuHelp] [IncludesCodecFlagging] [Custom_1185_WelcomeNewVersion] [VideoOSD] [MusicOSD] [VideoFullScreen] [MusicVisualisation] [VideoOSDBookmarks]

[DialogAddonSettings] [MyGames] Fixed some final "button-focus.png" borders (6 must be 14) that were missed during the resolution rework merging
Updated click target for "Get More" sidebar button in Games section
Since 5.6.6 in the TV shows section, all season posters are replaced by the main show poster. This behaviour persists in 5.6.7 and 5.6.8.


Thanks for the report. Which version was the last where you did not see this bevaviour? Is it in the range of 5.5.x?

Nevermind. Found the issue. I have to look a bit further into it. It's a change i made because it solved an other minor issue.
I'll see to have both things solved at the same time. Will let you know when there is a new release.
Quote:The reason I originally asked about changing a font setting is because I always have to adjust pointer.xml. Otherwise the pointer looks enormous in Windows on a smaller screen.
Could you please provide some more information regarding this?

This also sounds like a system, system DPI caling or Kodi specific issue. I can't think anything having to do with this skin and never had any similar issue with a too large Kodi cursor in my life on all test systems from Win7 to Win11 on any skin.
But let's check...
Thank you