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Full Version: A Confluence ZEITGEIST [ 17 Krypton | 18 Leia | 19 Matrix | 20 Nexus | 21 Omega ]
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Hello, I really liked the way the original Confluence worked and am a big fan of your continuation of this skin in a more metro-like style but I got a bit confused when my Kodi suddenly changed to having rounded corners everywhere. These look weird to me (especially as my TV doesn't have rounded corners šŸ˜…) and also make the interface a lot more busy than it used to be. Would it be possible to add an option to change/disable the rounded corners? (Or if you prefer me doing it myself then what would be the way to PR that change? I don't see a link to a public git repo hence why I'm asking)

Hi, thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear that you don't seem to like rounded corners like they occur in almost every great and proven modern UI. Ā 

If you want to use older versions, you always can use manual downloads from here:
The new milestone with the rounded corners rework uses the version numbers 3.6.x/4.6.x/5.6.x - everything before that are the old versions.
Be aware: You also will have to downgrade all the helper addons manually to the same date of the old version and of course avoid any updates for all the manually downgraded add-ons.
I really can't recommend it.

I don't want to argue against some special or old habits (i surely most likely will have some of those myself), but rounded corners are definitely not a trend - it's very well researched and proven that it's just more pleasent to use for almost all users.
I wouldn't have gone all the extra miles to rework the code from ground up for this if i wouldn't have been sure that this is the only way to go.

Maybe you could give things a try. Smile
Sneak peak of the shortly upcoming freely configurable New Reduced Fullscreen OSD (finally with centered visuals):



VideoOSD OPEN (different custom configurations from min to max):




Well I'm not here to argue about preference, especially as you cearly seem to have yours and I have mine (and I personally can't even think of a single interface I use that has rounded corners)

And I agree, running outdated versions (or a fork) will get annoying quickly hence why I asked how I could contribute such an option if you aren't willing to put in the work for it.
New releases online for all Kodi generations:

This release mainly contains the above teased Fullscreen OSD rework besides some additional improvements.

Testing and feedback welcome as usual!

The new OSD can be configured via Skin Settings:

A Confluence ZEITGEISTĀ Ā  v3.6.6 Ā  (Kodi 17)
A Confluence ZEITGEISTĀ Ā  v4.6.6 Ā  (Kodi 18)
A Confluence ZEITGEISTĀ Ā  v5.6.6Ā Ā  (Kodi 19-21)


5.6.6 (2023-08-22)

- Major rework of Fullscreen and OSD visuals (Affects both video and music variants)

Expanded "Customize Reduced Fullscreen OSD" Skin Settings options with new defaults and recommendations

The rework features a more simplistic and - finally - visually centered look.

By default the new OSD is configured to be simplistic, focusing on what's important.
You still can freely configurable it, if you need more information. (See Skin Settings "Customize Fullscreen OSD")

Added "_clear_fullscreen_osd_cfg.py" script for "[RESET] Fullscreen OSD settings to default" functionality

In context of the above rework, [VideoOSDBookmarks], [DialogSettings] and some onclick targets of multiple Fullscreen OSD buttons have also beem improved and optimized for a more intuitive user experience.

[Textures] Updated end_time_icon.png and end_time_icon_uhd.png (icon now full 100% white instead of grey)
Thank you for this really excellent skin. I have been using it on the Firestick and onĀ  Windows 10 & 11 for a few weeks now. Several of my friends have started using it also. All using the latest nightly version of Nexus.

I noticed a couple of small things.

In 5.6.6 the total time is truncated in the OSD if Kodi is run full screen in Windows 10 & 11. Neither computer monitor is very big. I did not remember seeing this with 5.6.4. Might this be due to the size of the font used, and if so, can I reduce it?

I moved Favourites to the beginning of the main menu and Kodi now starts on that screen, which is great. Games are deselected by default in the Main Menu settings. I notice that if I also deselect Weather & Music, Kodi then opens on the System screen instead. Does not affect anything, just found it interesting.

Thanks once again. I see rounded corners on a number of sites like YouTube for instance.

Thanks for this valuable feedback.

main menu default focus:

Indeed, there seems a minor (but unacceptable) issue with default focus on the Kodi 18-21 versions when having only a very few main menu items visible.
I'll look further into that.

Regarding the trucated "total time" label:

Could you please supply a fullscreen screenshot of that trucated label situation?

I thinkĀ we surely can fix that, also.

Thanks again.
I made a screenshot but do not know how to get it to you. Is there a simple way to attach an image? The image button is asking for a URL. Completelt inexperienced with this forum. It is a .png 355 kB file.

You can use imagebam:
(Always make sure there is no private data visible in the screenshot)
Here is a link I was given.

Thanks, that's very helpful.
I already did a potential fix (which i can't really test myself).
I'll release the update today and will let you know when you can test it.

Fix is now live for Kodi 19-21 skin version (other versions will follow once it's confirmed that both issues are fixed).

- Please re-test and provide feedback on both reported issues
(default main menu focus + truncated "total time label")

Thank you

5.6.7 (2023-08-29)

[VideoFullScreen] [DialogSeekBar] [_includes] [IncludesCodecFlagging]
Minor code improvements, includes potential fix for very rare occurence of truncated "total time" label with non native display resolutions/aspect ratio

Kodi 18+ only
- Fixed main menu default focus when only very few main menu items are configured to be visible (Focus should be always on first item)
Default focus is fixed, but I am still seeing the total time problem over here. I installed Omega on the Windows 10 machine to see if that made a difference. So I tested 5.6.7 on the following and both still had the text cut off -

Windows 7 computer with latest nightly of Nexus
Windows 10 computer with latest nightly of Omega

The reason I originally asked about changing a font setting is because I always have to adjust pointer.xml. Otherwise the pointer looks enormous in Windows on a smaller screen. Don't know if it might be related in some way.

My mistake. The Windows 10 computer with Omega seems to be fixed. The Windows 7 computer has the cut off. The Windows 7 machine is a 17 inch laptop and has a smaller screen. Running in 1600 x 900.
The Windows 10 computer is a tower computer using an "antique" HP monitor running with 1440 x 900 resolution. It is a "hand me down" from my son and has a really good graphics card.