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Full Version: A Confluence ZEITGEIST [ 17 Krypton | 18 Leia | 19 Matrix | 20 Nexus | 21 Omega ]
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[font][font]Ciao amico, nella sezione "opzioni schermata iniziale" puoi ripristinare "Sposta "Preferiti" all'inizio del menu principale? per me era abbastanza comodo avere i preferiti all'inizio dello schermo grazie[/font][/font]


the option still exists! It just moved to a better place - go to:

Skin settings  >  Main menu  >  Favorites  >  Focus the button "Favorites":  There, you can find a new option on the right  "Move to top"/"Move to bottom" (Go to the right and click)
[font][font]@axbmcuser amico non riesco a trovare la sezione dei preferiti, potresti mandarmi qualche screenshot? [/font][font]Grazie[/font][/font]
everything ok friend I just found it thanks, now I have to get used to the new section, but where it was before was it causing problems?
New versions now online Nerd

5.7.7 (2023-11-29)

Global dialogs/windows rework(s)

Improved visuals and optimization rework of almost all dialogs, including, but not limited to:

- Improved visuals for select dialog variants with better visuals, spacing and button dimensions/positions
- Improved almost-centered positioning of all dialogs with improved code-maintainability
- Improved dialog headers of all regular dialogs (left/right label spacing was way too small before which resulted in long labels being too close to the edges which looked wrong)
- Improved correct darkening of windows when a dialog is displayed on top (Before: Window headers were still displayed on top of the darkened windows)
- Reduced height of "settings level" button in settings sections
- Improved visuals, usability and click targets of Music Playlist Editor dialog including the display of the correct window header label
- VideoOSD/MusicOSD: Fade out submenus (no fade out before). Set focus to play/pause after clicking the "Subtitles Download" sub menu button to reset focus correctly
- Slightly improved visuals and click targets of Music Info Dialog (A full rework will will follow in a future update as previously stated)
- Home screen: Improved look of main menu "left/right" indicator for edge cases with too many main menu items (including visible/hidden fade in/out animations)
- File browser: Improved click targets for better and more predictable usability
- Volume dialog: Move down mute icon by some pixels when profile icon is shown on home screen so both elements doesn't get too close to each other
- Video and PVR Info Dialogs: Removed autoscroll of plot (it has no business there). Also improved a spacing-condition for a very rare combination of displaying the disc and credits stinger icon when other flags are unavailable
- Slightly improved visuals and usability for Subtitles Download dialog
- Settings dialog: Fixed missing header when dialog is loaded for the first time (removed wrongly duplicated id). Improved fade in out transitions
- Process Info Dialog: Changed font weight of section headers from regular to light
- Keyboard and Numeric Dialogs: Improved visuals for some non focused and focused elements
- Addon Settings Dialog: Improved visuals and click targets for better and more predictable usability. Also moved some code elements for improved sync/code-maintainability with the skin versions for other Kodi generations
- Improved visuals the focus style of List Wide (51) view (more transparent accent color to avoid contrast conflics with textures which are displayed on top of the accent colored element)
- Improved visuals for "Seasons" view
(up/down indicators are now fully rounded with a cohesive look similar to the new "dual-color" darkened focus style mentioned within the Live TV / PVR rework)
- Skin settings: Always show "move to top/bottom"-button for "Favorites" within the main menu section so users notice the function more easily (highly transparent look)
- Improved visuals for poster and wall view flags (4K/HFR/3D/Set/Disc). Reworked for a cohesive look similar to the already existing inverted video resultions flag style. Also removed now unused diffuse textures for the old flags.

VideoOSD / MusicOSD

- Improved visuals for 0.8, 0.9, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 playback speed
- Added playback speed shortcuts on the OSD "Play/Pause" button:
If already playing, pushing "up" while focusing the "Play/Pause" button increases playback speed in steps until the maximum of 1.5x is reached
If already playing, pushing "dow" while focusing the "Play/Pause" button decreases playback speed in steps until the maximum of 0.8x is reached

Smart Playlist Editor and Smart Playlist Rule Editor

- Focus second control on window load if first control (playlist title) is disabled
(Internal note: Besides this improvement Kodi has a long standing bug which seemingly disables the first control permanently after once opening the "Party mode playlist" editor. Afterwards, even opening "new smart playlist..." has the first control disabled. (User workaround: Reloading the Skin))
- Improved visuals and spacing between elements

Other improvements and visual changes

- Show correct texture for "Install auto updates only" element within the add-ons updates section (Now, the same texture is shown as for "Install all updates")
- Profiles dialog: Changed old scrolltime to standard scrolltime/tween for user profiles panel (only affects system with 8 or more Kodi user profiles)
- Addon Settings Dialog: Increased spacing below footer buttons from 24 to 30px (common)
- Wall Views: Added one last missing background="true" for WatchedProgressGeneric1-3 for possibly better performance in rarest non library edge cases (TBD - testing)
- Keyboard Dialog: Increased width of input field (Very narrow before)
- Expanded detection for "HFR" with ".HFR."
- Minor code clean-ups for [DialogAddonInfo] [Custom_1103_TextViewerFS], removed some unused border="0" attributes, added a very few missing background="true" attributes for some visual progress bars
- Music Fullscreen: Removed album name and year for music sub label (too much information)
- Globally slightly reduced alpha for separator texture
- Globally slightly reduced alpha for white filled progress bars

Live TV / PVR section and dialogs

- Improved visuals for all Live TV / PVR windows and dialogs (Also including group manager and channel manager)
- New Dual-color darkened focus style for all elements which contain a channel logo (This improves contrast and avoids bad color/contrast combinations with some channel logos). Added two new custom diffuse textures for this (white_border10l_-10r.png, white_border11t_-10b.png)
- Removed references to unused view "LiveTVView1" and ViewsLiveTV.xml
- Updated visuals for "Recently watched" PVR home screen widget
- Removed diffuse texture for "Recently watched" PVR home screen widget (no need to mask the channel logo with rounded corners since channel logos should be transparent (bright style))


- Reworked all regular video resolution flags with a medium font weight instead of light (Cohesive with medium/bold font weight of inverted video resultions variant)
- Simplified separator3.png texture to full white and removed pseudo-blank background
- Reworked and simplified spincontrol textures to a better and more rounded look (corner radius was too small before)

Kodi 18+ only:

Game OSD

- Renamed menu item "Exit" to "Stop" ("Exit" could be very much confused with exiting the Game OSD. "Stop" makes more sense in context of stopping the game/emulation and is the commonly used term)
- When opening Game OSD, the focus is now always on the first item of the menu (before: focus was always on the item which has been remembered from the (often long time before) "last time" - which feels wrong and unintuitive)

- Remark: A further GameOSD rework and addition of the "Player Viewer" dialog (#23548 Kodi 21+) will follow in a future update
been noticing the subtle visual changes here and there and the skin is looking better than ever. 

great work as always @axbmcuser, appreciate all of it! 🙏🏻
Hi, and many thanks for your brilliant work on aczg.
I have just downloaded and installed the latest beta (2) version of Omega (Windows) from http://mirrors.kodi.tv/nightlies/windows...er-x64.exe and after updating to this version, aczg has been disabled and listed as not compatible with the latest beta. I am sure you are aware of this but I thought in case you weren't I'd let you know.
The linux version with same skin is working fine still with beta 2 same build versions.
Same here on 3rd gen Firestick. Prior updates have been refusing to reinstall for some reason, so no easy going back.

Also happened with Kodi on Windows 10. Reinstalled previous update (12-08-23) and chose the skin.  Seems to be working okay despite error message about binary add-ons previously included by default in the installer having been moved to the Kodi repository. I will do some more checking.

Thank you for all your work on the skin.
Found the notice about changing xbmc.gui" version="5.17.0" and Beta 2 is fine on Windows 10. Any ideas on why previous updates to Omega refuse to install to my 3rd gen Firestick?

Thank you.

Yes, i was aware of the ABI transition phase.
I waited for the official "Beta 2" release to release the new version.

New releases will be live in ~1hour

5.7.8 (2023-12-11)

Reworked "DefaultVideo" icon
- Additionally adapted the updated visuals to all similar icons
(DefaultFile.png, DefaultExtensionInfo.png, DefaultMimetypeInfo.png, DefaultVideo.png, DefaultVideoCover.png, DefaultVideoDeleted.png)
- Additionally adapted these changes to both alternative UI accent color schemes also (DefaultVideo.png, DefaultVideoCover.png)

Reworked main menu icon "Videos"
- This icon now has a smilar look as the DefaultVideo icon and fixes the the perception of the icon previously being too wide (_home_icon_videos.png, icon_videos.png)

- VideoOSD / MusicOSD: Slightly optimized textures for 0.8, 0.9, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 playback speed

- Internal: Corrected some changelog typos

Kodi 21+ only:

- Bump add-on ABI to v5.17.0 to retain compatibility with latest Kodi 21 releases
YOU are the man!!!!!!
Just installed it on Omega beta 2.
Looks good and thanks! Smile
Thanks for the feedback and confirmation. Smile
Just a query, when switching from windowed to fullscreen mode, a dialog pops up "Do you want to keep this resolution?" Yes/No.
Is this a Kodi dialog or a aczg dialog and if it is aczg is it possible to turn it off?

As always, thanks for a brilliant skin and for all your help..