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Full Version: Estuary MOD V2 Matrix/Nexus/Omega KN Edition
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Maybe is just me , I do not know if it was the skin or recently updated Kodi (19.4) , now if I take a quick look of the file , and i mean a few seconds the movie or shows that is in progress , before this it did not happen unless the file was watched for 10-15 seconds

I know this can be modified in advancedsettings.xml , is there a menu option where this can be modified??
I've don't made modifications that affect the behaviour (changing the view status) that You described above. I think that is related to the update, but I'm not sure. Also there isn't a menu option where you can modify the status.

Hi mate

I imagined that , checked all over

I guess I will have to change it in the advancedsettings .
hi, stupid question.
I can't figure out how to change the country flags for the audio to coloured ones. I only have the default white ones.
Could someone tell me how to get the coloured icons on the flags for audio and subtitles?
Thanks in advance.
Coloured audio + subtitle flags has been removed from skin.
  • Remove detection and use of extrafanart folder, as this isn't used by addons anymore
  • Remove fanart section from DialogVideoInfo and DialogMusicInfo
  • small changes to skinshortcut template (loading menues up to 100% faster), many thanks to beatmasterRS
  • add bookmarks button to simplified video osd
Hi all,
Just discovered mod, impressed so far.
New to this so sorry if stupid question.

Is there a way to automatically open context - information screen when you click on movie?

I use shield, can you exit by back button?

Thanks for great work
(2022-03-30, 00:00)ciaran75 Wrote: [ -> ]Is there a way to automatically open context - information screen when you click on movie?
Item 1.1 ... https://kodi.wiki/view/Settings/Media/Vi...ect_action
And for the widgets on the home screen there is an option in the skin settings "Default action on 'Movie' and 'TV-Show' widgets".
Thanks guys, appreciate help
### 3.4.0+matrix.9 ###
  • Player process window in small osd adjusted
  • List settings button in DialogVideoInfo removed
  • Option for showing artist list in skin settings added
  • Fixed issue with missing widget titles
  • Albums count from widget templates removed
  • Missing language strings (GER) for rating colors added
  • Some modifications on holiday themes, Palm Week colors added
How can i change skin color ? It seems that the menu is greyed out and only “Palm Week” color is available…
This is fixed now in version .11
Same problem. I simply want to select "midnight" from skin options but i cannot set anything except the orange theme.
Goto Setup --> Skins --> Extras --> Disable "Activate Themes (Valentine, Easter, Halloween, Christmas)". Make sure you have installed the last version of the skin (3.4.0+matrix.11).