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Full Version: [RELEASE] Radio Add-on (rad.io, radio.de, radio.fr, radio.pt, radio.es) Music Plugin
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I had the same problem as you. for some reason the folder structure of the xbmcswift2 addon, that comes with radio, is incorrect. Go to your addon's folder and find script.module.xbmcswift2. Inside the folder is you will find a folder called xbmcswift2 and the addon.xml file. create a new folder called lib and moive the xbmcswift2 folder inside.

That sorted my plugin out.
Hope it helps
yeah! It's work! Thank you for your help Maliner86 ^^
Great addon! What I like best is that using a custom station doesn't require any web site other than the station itself to be accessible. Shoutcast was broken the other day, so my stations there crashed XBMC several times until I figured it out. I turned them into Radio-custom and they start quicker and more reliably.

A suggestion though about editing custom stations: When I change the name of a custom station, the old entry in the dictionary is updated, but not removed, and a new one is added with the new name as the key. This leaves two identical stations in the list, one of which cannot be removed.
I get a script error on addon start:
Happens with Gotham 13.1 on Android

EDIT: works with a fresh xbmc/spmc install, seems that the "old" install was messed up somehow

Full LOG here
Hi, i'm a big fan of radio.de (but i'm new to xbmc).
I'm running this on my ipad, my phone, my logitech squeezebox and more gadgets
Can you please tell me how it's possible to use xbmc as "Audio Distribution Point" for the radio.de add-on?
If i "open" my xbmc i see only "Music library" or "Video library" as possible selection but not the currently playing Radio Station.

regards, sumartho

P.S. great stuff

I have my Kodi setup almost like I wanted except for the radio part.

I have installed this addon but how can I make it easy for the family members to play their favorite radio station without having to turn on the tv? I have the XBMC remote with standard skin.

Is there a way so they can use their phone/tablet to open XBMC-Radio-Station X?

(2014-11-30, 14:19)Sareno Wrote: [ -> ]Is there a way so they can use their phone/tablet to open XBMC-Radio-Station X?
I use the Yatse remote on my smartphone to control my Kodi system.
Thats not available for IOS.

In the XBMC remote app you can view movies, view tv shows, etc. Working perfectly.

How can I add " listen to my stations" to that? (Without going through multiple menu's. )
I really like this plugin.
I know try to get it work at my mothers house, but unfortunately the "local stations" are wrong.
They should be Dutch, but are Belgium instead.

All the language settings are set to Dutch/Netherlands, but I still have different local stations.
Is there a way to fix that?
Maybe it could also be a option in the future to change the local stations by hand?

I didn't have this problem with me previous installation btw.
I have just installed "Radio add-on" on TLBB v2. I installed it via Total XBMC Installer. Although it says that it is installed I can not get it to load. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I've a shoert question. I have installes a streamdev-server on my mediaserver and ad a "streamdev-line" to
the radio plugin...


that works fine... but is there a way to get the additional information to kodi...?
i love this plugin, but i cant get radio jaliya to work anymore... found in genre/african music...

i tried to add it as a custom radio, but none of the stream i tried worked...


Any idea?

Thanks for the hard work on this add on, just one (maybe stupid) question however:
I noticed that if for some reason a radio station loses its connection or times out, the add on will automatically skip to the next station in the list. Is there any way to switch off this behaviour? Its really annoying when you find out you're suddenly listening to a station you did not choose. I'd rather have the station time out so I can select it again.
Thanks again.
thank you for the plugin.
I have just a small issue, maybe there is an easy solution for it.
I am using openelec on my raspberry pi connected to a samsung monitor with remote control.
The remote is working fine for controlling everything, except it is lacking the c key.
This means I can not add the channels i am listening to, to my favorites.

And the WAF is not getting better with a keyboard dangling around the screen.

I can think of one or two possible solution for this problem.
- having a last listened folder in the root menu.
- add an additional control element to the play buttons on the home screen to call the context menu.

If it is just me having this issue, I will have to live with it.

kind regards,
Hi all...was wondering if someone is experiencing the same issue I'm having with the Radio Addon. I'm running Radio v2.3.0 on Kodi 14.0. I'm a newbie and found the addon is fantastic!!! Amazing how much variety is out there! But the "Search for Station" option comes up with a blank virtual keyboard..I can't type any characters into the search field when the search window appears...any ideas?

BTW, if this issue was already noted, I do apologize for the reiteration...Thanks
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