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Full Version: (UK ONLY)SkyGO Working now in XBMC
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(2014-12-01, 10:40)joeyjoejoe Wrote: [ -> ]When browsing the channel list, all is fine, but when I select a channel and the channel loads (when the skygo holding page comes up) nothing appears to happen, then mouse shows a loading wheel, then randomly slowy returns to the middle of the page and thats it. What has happened is that a browser has launched in the background, but never comes to the foreground, the relevant sky page is there still when I exit xbmc.

Just to update, I have solved this problem now. What was happening was to do with 'focus' restrictions imposed by using xbmclauncher. The launcher automatically sets the focus of xbmc to be forced to the foreground, even if another program is launched. I have resolved this in the settings now.
Hi All, I discoverd XBMC last week and IT'S THE BEST THING EVER!!!!
I manage to instal sky go on XBMC but I have no ideea what to do with the Username and password.
I made an Sky ID but is asking me to link it to an Sky Account wich I don't have.
Help please.
I think you do actually have to have a sky subscription to still use sky go. Don't think it's makes sky free!
Thank's asha1980, but that was the hole point, I wanted to watch Sky for free
Does this addon work on Ubuntu ? I presume if so, I would need to use pipelight?

Thanks for everyones kind comment on the app,although I was the original developer and producer of the skygo app, most of the thanks must now go to syborg who kindly took over the development of the application around 8 months ago because of my other work commitments.

This is a question to anyone on this thread andalso I will be posting in the devs section, I am looking for an android programmer who knows about silverlight and apk dissasembly.


i use this plugin with the ontapp tv epg and it works well except for the fact the about half of the skygo streams dont show in the pick list - anyone have the same issue and know if its a skygo or on tapp issue ?
Just installed on mac and keep getting error messages.

"settings.py" and "moving file.py"
Has anyone got this working on Windows 8.1?
It launches, logs in and I can get the channel list but as soon as I click a channel it just goes to a blank screen and does nothing. If I right click on the mouse and click back on the web browser it takes me to the sky go login page but the section where the preview video is, it looks like the silverlight plugin isn't loaded so just shows a static image.

I did read in this thread that the plugin works with older versions of IE but I'm running IE11, is there a fix for this or workaround?
Is this working on Macs yet?
Can't get this working at all any more "script failed - sky go launcher v2"
has anyone got this working again?
has anyone got this working again?
livetv only working again fix in SkygoV2 post
Hi Syborg so am i right in saying the addon works sgain but only for the live channels?