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Full Version: [RELEASE] Official XBMC boblight Addon
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i installed ubuntu on my htpc again. it works much better than windows :-) My Setup: 55" TV and 50 LEDs adalight.
At boot boblight-Deamon starts (rc.local) and 5 sec later boblight-X11 starts too. If i listen music or i'm in the menu, then boblight-x11 detects the colors. But if a start a film the xbmc boblight plugins starts and overwrite boblight-x11 without any problems (priorities). that is inposible with windows on a low end pc!

Also i think boblight detects the audio and lights up. Are there any settings to edit? I made a little video.

Look: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ucjlwe7eqvt26...131552.mp4
(2012-07-16, 20:32)plfort Wrote: [ -> ]I have EXACTLY the same problem as you Fire, I sent PM to bobo1on1 and he explained me that video playback on raspberry doesn't use GLES so the RenderCapture interface can't grab the frame.
I use raspbmc, I cant post on the raspbmc forum, Varnish send me 503 ...

So what can we do? is it possible to add the functionallity to this addon so it works on the Raspberry Pi?
(2012-07-19, 23:58)Memphiz Wrote: [ -> ]post the xbmc.log to pastebin and put the link here.

(2012-03-30, 10:54)MrHenky Wrote: [ -> ]
(2012-03-29, 16:18)bobo1on1 Wrote: [ -> ]I've seen that before, apparently if you use a different program first to open the com port, and then open it with boblightd it works ok, I suspect it's a problem in cygwin.

You were totally right. I've first used Lightpack to open the com-port. When I started boblight it said, that the port is in use, which makes sense. Closing lightpack and starting boblight again and it worked. Also XBMC is successfully connecting. Since I'm working remote on my computer, I can't tell if the lights were on but hey... it finally seems to be working.

Did you solve this problem? I got the same issue. I have to first open the port via atmowin or the Arduino IDE software and then bobligh works. Otherwise I get this error:

C:\Users\htpc\Downloads\boblight\boblightd>boblightd.exe -c boblight.conf
ERROR: unable to make directory /home/htpc/.boblight/:
No such file or directory
(PrintFlags)                    starting boblightd -c boblight.conf
(CConfig::LoadConfigFromFile)   opening boblight.conf
(CConfig::CheckConfig)          checking config lines
(CConfig::CheckConfig)          config lines valid
(CConfig::BuildConfig)          building config
(CConfig::BuildConfig)          built config successfully
(main)                          starting devices
(CClientsHandler::Process)      opening listening socket on
(CDevice::Process)              ambilight: starting with output "/dev/com3"
(CDevice::Process)              ambilight: setting up
(CDeviceRS232::OpenSerialPort)  ERROR: ambilight: /dev/com3: tcgetattr() Invalid
(CDeviceRS232::OpenSerialPort)  ambilight: /dev/com3 had a non fatal error, it m
ight still work, continuing
(2012-07-20, 12:46)OOge Wrote: [ -> ]
(2012-07-19, 23:58)Memphiz Wrote: [ -> ]post the xbmc.log to pastebin and put the link here.


The boblight printouts are looking very good. You have a 46 channels setup as it seems and all settings are set correctly. So you have to check your backend (e.x. boblightd.conf). Does it work with boblight-constant?
sorry....new to boblight. I was an atmowin user Smile
Where can I find boblight constant
anybody?....missing my light during the movies Wink
Try setting the baudrate for the port in the windows control panel, it might work that way.
boblight runs at 50000. that can"t be set in control panel.
anybody who can help me to trigger the com3 port without first using another programm?
Are you using an Arduino board ?
Try to reinstall FTDI drivers : http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/Windows#toc4

or try with /dev/ttyS2 instead of /dev/com3
Hello there,

first of all: Thank you for your Addon and the work you're putting in. I'm having a little trouble with the boblight configuration, and am hoping to get some help Smile

My setup:
- Arduino Duemilanove
- Mac OS X (boblightd build from the source (without portaudio, opengl, x11, prefix=/usr)
- 50 RGB LED Strip with LPD6803 IC
- PIN 11 is Data, PIN 13 clk (as also defined in the fastSPI lib)

*.INO, boblightd debug dump, xbmc log & my boblight.config

So INO compiles, boblightd connects to Arduino, but I have 3-5 LED's flickering wildly (LED21,22,24,25). When I start XBMC with boblight addon the "rainbow" when finding the daemon is in false colors. The LED's are updated when playing a movie, but again flikering (half of them) and false colors.
Do you have any suggestions ? I came so close and my gf is slowly starting rage mode as I'm spending so much time with the Ambilight Solution Wink

Thank you in advance,
It seems that your prefix should be FF 00 00 according to your .ino.

play with this line to reduce the flickering

It depends on your strip, but if color are still wrong you may also need to swap RGB to GRB or BRG
struct CRGB { unsigned char b; unsigned char r; unsigned char g; }
(2012-07-22, 08:31)OOge Wrote: [ -> ]boblight runs at 50000. that can"t be set in control panel.
That's the interval, not the baudrate.