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@ [email protected]@n

No, no restrictions on skin side. Looks like script.favourites restriction to me.
(2012-08-30, 11:26)pecinko Wrote: [ -> ]@ [email protected]@n

No, no restrictions on skin side. Looks like script.favourites restriction to me.

Well I've learned my something new for today, didn't even know that add-on existed... I'll dig into it and see what I can find. Thanks!
Is it possible for you add time on the home menu?
(2012-08-31, 19:37)bigbodiehard Wrote: [ -> ]Is it possible for you add time on the home menu?

I second this.

I like quartz's simple look, but adding the time wouldn't pollute it too much IMO.
(2012-06-18, 20:50)pecinko Wrote: [ -> ]
(2012-06-18, 18:06)milika Wrote: [ -> ]Great, thanks, I will test it and try to make it user independent, if not possible - i will revert Smile

I would personally recommend rather mapping this command to a remote button.
(2012-06-18, 19:02)mixinluv2u Wrote: [ -> ]When I am using video plugins, I would like the view type to always be in "Media Info", but it seems like it always changes back to "List". Is there a way for all video plugins to keep the view type I selected?

Not sure. Are they saved in Confluence?

I have the same issue. They are saved in Confluence, but when you switch back into Quartz, it reverts to List. Congrats again on your lean skin.
Sorry if this has been discussed before...

How do you get custom images for the movie or music genres? In other words, when the genre "Action" is selected you see an "Action" image, instead of the generic outline image that Quartz normally shows.

In other skins it seems you place the art in a special folder inside the Media folder, and you have the genre image name match the genre name. How does it work for quartz? Is there a way to get custom genre images?
Never mind. I found a way to do it.
I posted "Danish translation" (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=139586), about a missing Id - but it looks like that is not the case.

The real problem may be coherency problem. (I do not know anything about skinning, Quartz code etc., so it can be a mistake on my part).

The problem can be seen in:
In "Settings - Quartz" -> "Home Menues customizer" -> Movies -> "Recently Added"; the id used is "31020"
But in
Home -> Moves -> "Newly Added"; id "31289"

I would guess those values should be the same - because when you toogle "Recently added", "Newly Added" will be hidden. The same also goes for Tv-shows, where the ids are wrong.

I am in the process of modifying Quartz for my personal use (fixing Quartz so Danish is displayed correct). I have therefore changed the Home menu to use id 31020. I have not checked to see if id 31289 is obsolete now - but I think it is.
I have also change the code for TV-shows, to use the same id.

<item id="1" description="RA Movies">

<item id="1" description="RA TV">
is there a way to make the album cover a bit smaller in the "fullscreen player" window? with the "artist slideshow" plugin, the cover is too big, to show the slideshow images correctly.
My first post was correct about missing translation - the coherency problem was not correct though (see http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1186914). So please disregard the Home.xml stuff.
Hi there,

keep up the good work, this skin is nice!

I am trying to modifiy the exit menu with my own shutdown shell like here (I´m using a RaspPi) but I can´t find the right .xml file. It seems that the original one mentioned in the other thread isn´t the right one when using another skin, can someone help me with that, please? Big Grin

Nevermind, found it - typo > find :/
does anyone know how to open the texture file in this skin? I would like to tinker a bit, and have recieved permission from the man himself, but I am unsure how to get it open so as to access the image files...
Just pull from Git.
i have skyped Abrasher details
hey pecinko, first of all, thanks for the great work. my question is, how to put random selected movies/tv shows in the media shelf. my media library is more or less complete. since i'm not inserting new media anymore it is kind of boring to see the same movies/tv shows (last added) in the media shelf all the time.

maybe there is a solution for that.