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Full Version: QUARTZ - Gotham
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pecinko Wrote:Strange, this is what I have


Looks great Smile
Baswazz Wrote:Looks great Smile

Asked author to include it in skin :-)
alexdzn Wrote:Ok, clear, the problem is if I have music library in media mode, then ok, if I do not add music files and use only music addons, then it is not working as it was before. So, music addons must be displayed in any mode (file and media modes)?

OK, had a look and I remember now why I did it like that. Without libraries both files and addons links would take you to where you was last time meaning

link to files would take you to addons if you used addon last time and to files if that's where you've been. Thus, it is confusing to have both.

You can add it as a custom link and try it out.
Pecinko - I would to say thanks for this skin.
Pecinko I think the font u have in Fonts folder need to be renamed from .otf to .ttf to be used by skin. Smile
scrolling Wrote:Pecinko - I would to say thanks for this skin.

Japaja Wrote:Pecinko I think the font u have in Fonts folder need to be renamed from .otf to .ttf to be used by skin. Smile

Last time I checked it was .ttf and was showing OK. I may have messed up something trying to fix everything before leaving to vacation but I do not remember having problems with font.

I'll have a look when I return home.
Ah, maybe I wasn't up to date, latest version from your repo is now .ttf so all is good.
Hello, thank you i just fixed

thank again
what? Big Grin
Did u try to force refresh the repository?
hi pecinko, thanks for your great skin Nod

i've a text overlay problem when i set content of a folder in file view.

first screen it's ok, no content set for folder

second look at top left
Thanks for reporting. I think I know what might be a problem. Will take a look when I return from vacation.
Just picked up an appletv and this is my favorite skin so far because of it's simplicity and responsiveness on the appletv

Anyways. I don't know if I'm retarded or what but I can't figure out how to customize the menu. I think u have to add the item to your favorites first? I see where u can hide submenus but I need to add a new one

If I goto home window options then custom I see fav 1-5 but when I click on one I get a can not find favorites.XML error

I want to make a menu for "online media" where I put hulu and other such programs. Can someone walk me through it?
Pecinko, thanks for the the skin again, just got the latest version working properly, great.

I have one bug: in the library the Film rating & Star ranking sometimes overlap. I will try to get a picture to highlight this. I think its when the rating is very long eg: "PG 13 rated for people over 13..."etc which is so long it appears overlapped with the Stars
You beat me to the punch on this. I am seeing the same problem in the movie library.

The issue occurs when you have a descriptive rating, i.e. "Rated R for violence and sexual situations". The text will overlap the media icons and the IMDB star rating.

This occurs over several views: Media Info, Media Info 2, Wide, and Fanart 2. In addition, in the panel view, the extended rating info goes behind the posters.

Just my suggestion on the fix, but if you could limit the length to the space available and scroll the text if it is longer (like in the 'wide' view).

Could this scrolling also be added to other views that use the year/length/rating, like the 'big icons' view).

Thanks for the hard work, this definitely one of the best skins for ATV2.