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Full Version: Google Drive for KODI
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@joaohkfaria I found the issue. Version 1.2.8 should fix it.
Let me know.
OMG! It's working perfectly! Thank you very much!  Blush
It didn't work for me on Kodi 18 beta 2. I will paste the log as soon as I figure out how to get that.

(2018-09-04, 21:48)vab.patel Wrote: [ -> ]That would be great. Although I found that the strm files are extremely fast, I keep using the source mode for 2 reasons: 1. Kodi did not resume the movies/tv shows added to the library. 2. Trakt did not work for me with strm method.
 Hi @cguZZMan.... I recently tried the strm method on Kodi 18 beta 2 and happy to report that it worked well with trakt. Subtitles are working perfectly. The only thing missing (for me) in the strm method now is the resume option.

Thanks a lot again for this wonderful addon.
@vab.patel that's great. 
The resume point issue is next in line. Will see if there is a good solution for it.
Just wanted to say that I've tested the export/watch strm method in Android, Windows and Mac.. on every instance it worked just fine, thanks for your work! Smile
Tested with Kodi Leia Nightly
Its not showing all my team drives
@keithcq71 you need to post your debug log file all the times if you want to report an issue.
@cguZZMan I'm still having issues with source mode: It wont scrape everything thats on the folder... if I have 
Then the scrape only finds File2.avi, but never scrapes File1.avi.....

Si necesitas que me explique en español, no dudes en preguntar amigo, ya que el ingles no es mi idioma nativo jajajaja
@vtwin0001 Porfa, postea siempre tu archivo de log en modo debug para que pueda darle una checada.
Please post always your debug log file so I can take a look.
Hi, thx for update, but I still cannot open Google Photos folder in "picture addon". It gives me another error report.
Log is here: https://paste.kodi.tv/iyefeqagaw
Raspberry 3, LibreELEC 8.2.5, addon version 1.2.8, Kodi 17.6
@viky808 that was already fixed in version 1.2.10. This version is not in the Kodi add-on repository yet, but you can get it now if you install my repository https://github.com/cguZZman/repository.plugins
Yop, thats work fine, thx man, nice workSmile

Using the strm method, tv shows are added to the Kodi library. As you can see it shows the progress (and possibly resume point) in the thumbnail. It just does not resume when I play it.

I use the Trakt and this progress may have been synced from Trakt.

A new version is in the repository.
Resume points and watched status should be working now for strm files added to the library.
The addon implements different logic for Krypton and Leia:

Kodi v18 - Leia:
  • It will show the dialog to ask to resume or start from beginning every time a resume point is found in the video. It can be disabled in the addon settings.
  • The progress and the watched status are already handled by Kodi. Nothing is changed here and should be working just fine.

Kodi v17 - Krypton:
  • It will always resume the playing when a resume point is found in the video, regardless of your selection if Kodi (Krypton) shows the dialog to ask to resume or start from beginning. This is because Kodi is the one showing the dialog and there is no way for the addon to know the user's selection. No fixes are being develop for Krypton by the Kodi team. This is already fixed in Leia. So your selection won't matter if a resume point is detected and the option "Start from beginning" is selected. It will always resume the video from the resume point. It can be disabled in the addon settings.
  • The progress and the watched status are implemented by the addon. It can be disabled in the addon settings.
  • It will save a resume point if the video is played at least over minute 3:00 (like Kodi's default)
  • The video will be marked as watched and play count will be incremented when at least 90% of the video is played (like Kodi's default)