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Full Version: Intel Apollo Lake
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In Asrock site for Z170 itx

HDMI Firmware upgrader
*The HDMI Firmware Upgrader provides the latest firmware, and enables you to easily updating.
Installation guide: Press to download

I check the version file and is 1.48 data file: 10 march 2016
ok, thx for info, maybe from intel NUC is more fresh
Does anyone else have this color Errors in 4K 10 bit Videos under Win 10 Kodi (the MVC mod Version)?

Anyone knows a workaround?
(2016-12-08, 01:58)cncb Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-12-05, 21:53)rewsteruk Wrote: [ -> ]3D MVC it auto switches to 1080p 3D 24Hz on my LG TV)

The Intel specifications page for the J4205 claims it does not support 3D: http://ark.intel.com/products/95591/Inte...to-2_6-GHz . I guess they made a mistake?

Tru3D is probably to sell a logo to the PC software Blu-ray makers and guarantee compatibility, but as you say it is not right as I get MVC 3D even on my old Celeron J1900 which says Tru3D=No as well on the Intel site.
Ok, great thread. Apollo Lake looks very promising on Kodi for better HEVC hw support!

Most of the discussion here is about HD Audio, passthrough, and 4K - as it should be. But my setup is simpler - just 1080p and stereo. So - can someone definitively answer this:

Does the Kodi 17 beta support, for Apollo Lake hw, hardware decoding of HEVC Main 10, *for 1080p resolutions* on LibreELEC?

I've kind of gotten lost with the ffmpeg status, the LibreELEC status, which build/branch etc. :)

I'm interested in these new Apollo Lake NUCs, they're great kit, but will be contingent on Kodi support for 1080p HEVC main 10 in hardware on LibreELEC!

Thanks in advance to the devs and experts!

here are some Screens of my Problem with 4k h265 10bit:
Sometimes, not always, I have this color errors and I dont understand why...sometimes they are there after/before a reboot, somethimes not.

System J4205 and J3455
Ram Single/Dualchannel Kingston DDR3 1600 / Cruxial DDR3 1866
HDMI output over HDMI 2.0 / DVI to HDMI Adapter
Win 10
Kodiversion: "KodiSetup-20161117-9832410-msdk_mvc_wip"

Mediaplayer connected to Marntz SR7008, this connected to Pnanasonic FHD TV or BenQ FHD Beamer.

The Screenshots are made with kodi itselfe, so its an Mediaplayer-internal error

"Mediaplayer connected to Marntz SR7008" maybe try dump EDID and map, but i dont know how in windows do it that
I hope that in 2017 ill be able to buy on ebay apollo lake box for like 50-60usd like cx-w8
What would this dump be able to Change? Thanks for help.

The sr 7008 is able to handle 12 bit Colors and many Color spaces. All Video Options are deactivated, so it Just passthrough the Video. My odroid btw. Doesnt Show this behavior.

Edit: See also my tryout with DSPlayer/madVR I made inside the Kaby Lake Forum:
maybe first connect without AVR to TV ... Wink andh check colors etc.
sometime AVR make mess with EDID
(2016-12-11, 10:31)flyingernst Wrote: [ -> ]My odroid btw. Doesnt Show this behavior.

The ODroid decodes 10 bit HEVC but outputs it as 8 bit doesn't it? If the Apollo Lake box is outputting full 10 or 12 bit HDMI then comparison with the ODroid may be moot?
Windows on pc and libreelec on odroid put Out 8bit. Both do Color scaling or however it is called, but odroid does it right.

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I am using a J4205-ITX for more than 2 weeks. I am on a LibreElec v7.90.
I noticed a strange bug. From time to time sound stops working usng HDMI audio. When going to audio output I can see, that output audio device changed from "Panasonic TV on DisplayPort #0" to "Panasonic TV on HDMI #0"
I cant recall the exact title right now.
I've set the output audio to always And I dont put the device to sleep. Just after few hours of inactivity or over night it stops working. Am I missing something clear? Big Grin
I've just installed Asrock J4205-ITX and can play all 4K material. Works really good and CPU usage is never above 30%.

However when i connect it to my somewhat old VSX 922 receiver i can only get 30p output, TV supports 60P.
Is this a limitation of the receiver? Is there something i can do to get 60p output to the receiver also?
I wanted to test all sound formats but for now i will not use the HDMI thru the receiver due to 30p limitation.
Would i need to change receiver also to get 4K 60p?