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Full Version: Kyra for Kodi
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Some of the skins can use genre thumbnails.
I was thinking of adding genre thumbnails. The genre labels can be used for example in the filtering option.

However, when I retrieved the audio genres info, I got empty genres thumbnail urls, so this means I have to add them to a folder within Kodi, or to the app.
I found a zip file which contains 337 genre thumbnails. (http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=57687&page=3)

Any one experience with genre thumbnails? or does any have more?
(When added to the app it will increase the size with 20 MB :-) )

(2015-07-05, 12:00)meridius Wrote: [ -> ]here you go new images of the music view just about done,

no more blur, removed and used a darker fanart for background and also added quick jump letters (seen Richards and thought bugger, I forgot them so added at the sides) I have also added album play counts to above artists picture.

please save images to ipad and see what it looks like on there. hope you like

No more blur? Sad I'm a little bit like rschiks, I like to have some transparency or blur

I definitely want to try the memory switch, since my collection is really large (3300 movies, 9000 TV episodes, 180000 songs) Thank you for implementing this!


which part do you like the blur the fanart or the music track list box, I was trying to keep it the same as the audio track, subtitles box design as there not blurred any more

here is the letters option, I have not had to much time trying to space them right but you get the idea I will fix this if everyone likes that option better than having the letters down the side, I have added a category button to the top info box next to artists so you hit that then it brings up the letters and the right side has a close button.

let me know if you like this better than the side letters.



I like that better than the side letters, thanks! Maybe rename the button Index instead of Category?


No problem called it (A-Z Index) as button index was too long
(2015-07-05, 13:48)meridius Wrote: [ -> ]No problem called it (A-Z Index) as button index was too long

And without the circles around each letter? Smile

I like the blur in the background were you are listing the songs
will have a mess around
but having the letters at the side was a ergonomic feature where you could select with your thumb very fast or scroll very fast between different letters
well heres two options

it has to be one or the other because that's all the space I have


or a sliding menu bar


or something like a sliding menu at the side ( the letters would be the right way but just copied and pasted to give you the effect)


images one and three could have a user option to select vertical or horizontal view in the settings to give the user the option if that's up to Richard to program in and you would hit the A-Z index butoon to make the menu pop up. or use image 2 without a A-Z index button and its on the screen all the time

which do your all prefer
This one was much better, so you can't have it at the side as you started with?
Sorry I didn't see all the pictures. I like the second picture where its at the side but it would be nice without the circles Smile
I like the first one!


bsoriano you need to have a ergonomic feeling as well Smile and as I said before this is just a function for moving from one letter to another in a very fast way, but if it take to much attention from the rest of the design then obviously the music with all the albums/artists will not be in focus that much.
Here are some screen shots of the albums view and the details when an album is selected. Again -> work in progress (still need to add information...genre for example).