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(2020-09-13, 13:46)anxdpanic Wrote: [ -> ]@mklopez @glenze @samsonluk 
Need a complete debug log (wiki)

Hello @anxdpanic 
Here is updated log
This time all add-ons (other than youtube) were not only disabled like in my previous message, but completely uninstalled.
Add to 'Watch Later' error is on line 116.
Hello @anxdpanic
Just in case - here is a more detailed log created after enabling "debug" in system settings.

Add to 'Watch Later' error is on line 914.
@anxdpanic you remember i cited to you the struttering issue whit the twitch addons on Raspberry Pi2 and OSMC ?

Yesterday i have also try to follow this livestream on youtube:

Now this livestream it's remain avaiable and problably you can watch here............... if i watch it the video it's on completely struttering.... no issue on audio track. Like Twitch..... if i set the mpegdash to resolution max 720p all struttering it's disappears.............

Also here the video "best" resolution it's 1920x1080p at 60fps............. you can also confirm you obtain the similar issue during reproduction ?
Hello, i have added all my keys and credentials but when i go into my subsriptions i get an error which i can only see part of before it dissapears " YouTube : Quota Exceded : The Request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your.... "

Obvisouly this is related to some kind of quota but ive not used the youtube addon before so not sure how i would haver exceded anything ?
I have the same issue on my FireTV Stick 4K. I put my personal API keys also...

Version Info : 
Kodi (18.6 Git:20200229-8e967df921). Platform: Android ARM 32-bit
Youtube Addon version 6.8.4

Also I see it gets to use the API as this is what I have found in my DEV console. They all error.. Maybe that is why we see a QUOTA error ??[font]Method[/font][font]Requests[/font][font]Errors[/font][font]Avg Latency[/font][font]99th percentile latency [/font][font]youtube.api.v3.V3DataChannelService.List[/font][font]11[/font][font]100%[/font][font]0.056 seconds[/font][font]0.127 seconds[/font][font]youtube.api.v3.V3DataPlaylistService.List[/font][font]2[/font][font]100%[/font][font]0.065 seconds[/font][font]0.065 seconds[/font][font]youtube.api.v3.V3DataSearchService.List[/font][font]12[/font][font]100%[/font][font]0.053 seconds[/font][font]0.123 seconds[/font][font]youtube.api.v3.V3DataSubscriptionService.List[/font][font]1[/font][font]100%[/font][font]0.078 seconds[/font][font]0.13 seconds[/font][font]youtube.api.v3.V3DataVideoService.List[/font][font]3[/font][font]100%[/font][font]0.071 seconds[/font][font]0.129 seconds[/font]
(2020-09-18, 16:20)someone14 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,
I have the same issue on my FireTV Stick 4K. I put my personal API keys also...

Version Info : 
Kodi (18.6 Git:20200229-8e967df921). Platform: Android ARM 32-bit
Youtube Addon version 6.8.4

Also I see it gets to use the API as this is what I have found in my DEV console. They all error.. Maybe that is why we see a QUOTA error ??MethodRequestsErrorsAvg Latency99th percentile latency youtube.api.v3.V3DataChannelService.List11100%0.056 seconds0.127 secondsyoutube.api.v3.V3DataPlaylistService.List2100%0.065 seconds0.065 secondsyoutube.api.v3.V3DataSearchService.List12100%0.053 seconds0.123 secondsyoutube.api.v3.V3DataSubscriptionService.List1100%0.078 seconds0.13 secondsyoutube.api.v3.V3DataVideoService.List3100%0.071 seconds0.129 seconds
I guess my table did not render correctly
here we go

MethodRequestsErrorsAvg Latency99th percentile latency
youtube.api.v3.V3DataSearchService.List12100%0.053 seconds0.123 seconds
(2020-09-13, 17:03)anxdpanic Wrote: [ -> ]@sam.roscoe If possible please confirm if the beta below fixes your issue, if not please follow up with a complete debug log (wiki)

I've updated post #2 and the repositories with 6.8.5~beta1
[fix] notifications for some languages on Kodi 19
[fix] searching for some languages
[fix] loading on some versions of python 3
[fix] some videos failing to play with an Invalid URL exception
[upd] use xbmcvfs.translatePath if available, clean up for Kodi 19

Thanks for the update and sorry for the late reply.

I can confirm that these fixes are working. No invalidURL exception anymore when being logged in.
Thank you Smile
Hi, just a (hopefully simple) question. I'm using the plugin with personal API keys, and if I go into History that works, and also in Recommendations I get kind of the recommendations I'd expect if I'd went into the YouTube normal web page.

However, the recommendations never update.. it's exactly the same list, week after week Smile Some times it has updated but I don't know if that happened in combination with some special event.

Is this supposed to work? Expected behaviour should be that I get recommendations like the normal (logged-in) YouTube web page, it updates every time they get new info about what I like and watch etc.

FWIW I use the normal YouTube a lot and there it rotates these recommendations all the time.
Been having issues with the suggested video not playing automatically after a selected video is done playing. This stopped working a couple versions ago for me. I did ensure it was enabled in settings. Anyone else?

While I'm in here though, I use Youtube for most everything when it comes to entertainment. I usually just "like" a youtube video and then use this plugin to be able to view things and share with others. The "search" function, while functional, is very cumbersome (especially after a couple drinks). Does anyone use their Youtube in this way and have a better option than the on-screen keyboard for finding content? Thanks.
I am having trouble using the YouTube addon after it started requesting API keys.
I have a YouTube API key, and created an OAuth2 credential for getting the ID and Secret. I am now trying to get the addon to use these. 
I edited the /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/plugin.video.youtube/api_key.json file. After that, the addon did not start at all even after I reverted this file to empty values. Now I uninstalled and reinstalled the addon, but it still won't start. Here is the kodi.log.
I've updated my Youtube addon on kodi, and I'm also having issues with quota errors. I've always used my own Keys and neved had problem with quota errors. I've recreated the keys today, but the error persists.

I can view my history and can play videos from there, but I cannot do any other task, like search or view my channel. Videos on mi history are updated when I view a new one on youtube web

Some logs

On google API console, I can see all the access like errors, as same as @someone14 said.
Who would have a thought such a simple add-on would become so complicated.
(2020-09-22, 23:28)wize7one Wrote: [ -> ]Who would have a thought such a simple add-on would become so complicated.
You could say that about the Internet in general, corporate greed from Google, Facebook et al has made it the shitshow it is today.
For those who suffers from 'playlistNotFound' when trying to add to 'Watch Later' - i may have stumbled upon a potential workaround

1. go to YouTube plugin and add 'Watch Later' to kodi favourites
- if you do not do that then you won't be able to access it after the workaround is applied
2. shut down Kodi
3. open file ".kodi/userdata/addon_data/plugin.video.youtube/access_manager.json" in a text editor and check if "watch_later" key has value " WL" (note the space in front of WL)
- remove space to make it:
"watch_later": "WL"
and save
4. start kodi again and check if you can use usual context menu to add to 'Watch Later' without error
- note: at this stage standard Watch Later folder under Youtube addon will stop working, however - the one we added to kodi favourites on step 1 should still work

Not sure if this is universal workaround, but works for me (Youtube Addon version 6.8.4) so I figured it may help someone.